Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Blog from the airport!

Yes, I really am this mashed... Taken with webcam on my laptop at Moscow DME 5 mins ago...

Hi guys - just sitting in Moscow airport here waiting for my flight to Ufa - another 2 hours into the east of the country... Last night in Moscow was INSANE! Huge party for the Pirate Station guys again... Had a cool time, hanging out with all the other artists backstage, Goldie, Grooverider, Spor, Dieselboy etc. When we eventually got some alcohol delivered things got pretty messy! Hah!

Absolutely loved playing to the crowd - even at 5am the place was still rammmmmmed and the crowd so responsive - so thanks to all my Russian fans! ;-)

Didn't get much sleep though, only 5 hours tonight, and the hotel was still being built so was woken up by the sound of hammers and drills etc. So tired I just dozed through it though. Feeling the pain now though, Hungary on Friday night was ace as well, but I only had time for a quick shower after the gig and then straight into the car (with a non English speaking, but Tiesto-obsessed driver) for the 3 hour trip in the snow to Budapest, then the flight to Moscow. I think I've managed to completely destroy my body clock altogether! ;-)

Looking forward to the gig tonight in Ufa - I have a feeling its gona be biggg, and then reallly looking forward to getting home on Monday to see hayley, and get some sleep, and have some nice Grand Cru Chablis... Mmmmm


Anonymous said...

Thank for this crazy night in Ufa!=)

Anonymous said...

Hi, John! Nice set!!!
How do you like Ufa?