Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Need your Vote (again) for the IDMAs in Miami please!!

Greetings all - its that time again where I need you to do a few clicks on my behalf...

My track 'Red Sky' (with the fabulous Shaz Sparks on Vocals) has been nominated for Best Drum & Bass track at the IDMAs (International Dance Music Awards) which is held in Miami during the WMC (Winter Music Conference). Its the only D&B-related category in there, mostly more mainstream dance stuff - so really great to be nominated! (Thanks to those of you that helped with that!)

So if you go to this link, remember to vote for my track, 'Red Sky' and whatever other categories you want to (you don't have to plough through them all, it lets you leave as many blank as you want) and then when they email you back to validate your vote just click the link in the email and its all done. It only takes a couple of minutes and I'd be superrrrrr grateful for the support!


OK I'm off to get this new podcast done - hope you liked the new video yesterday!

Rock on!