Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Video: Behind the scenes at Creamfields Poland August 2008

Hi folks. Just posted up a new video (although its from an event last summer - got round to editing it in the end!) to all the usual spots... If you're subscribed to the John B Podcast (search in iTunes if you aren't - its ACE!) then you should already have it downloading automatically by now.

If you want to download the iPod friendly version you can use this link:


And I've done a higher res one for people with stuff like an Apple TV or if you want to stream it to your xbox 360, PS3 or whatever - link for that is:


Its up on Youtube and myspace already, and Vimeo (looks best on there).

Anyway hope you like it...

I bought a spiffing new video camera last week in preparation for last weekend's big gigs, Stuttgart on Friday and the huge Pirate Station in Russia on Saturday - and actually watched all the Final Cut Studio Tutorial videos on my iPhone on the flights - so things should get a lot more professional-looking soon... And hopefully the workflow will be faster too - have been on a great studio roll lately so don't want this stuff to get in the way!

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