Monday, February 02, 2009

Pirate Station 7 in St. Petersburg.

One word. HEAVY.

Will post the video etc later on, just wanted to check in and show you the first iphone photos I managed to take...

I haven't been told official figures, but it was big. Guessing 15,000+ in there.

If any of my Russian fans are reading this and have links to photo galleries please let me know in the comments or email me thanks!

John B Iphone pics

John B Iphone pics

John B Iphone pics

John B Iphone pics

Blinding lights in my eyesssss!
John B Iphone pics


Igor said...

Hi John,

There are lots of photos:
It's official site of radio Record.

Thank you for Pirate Station!

Zheka said...

Thank you for great sound and atmosphere!
It was really something like GARRRR and BAAWWWW!

But sometimes I've missed some true-old-school like Mercury Skies or something like that... ;)

Alex said...

Victor Apocalipse Surf said...

Thank you very fucking much!

Anonymous said...


U've got abso-fuckin'-lutely crazy concert !
Thanks man! lol

siski piski pizdets!!! said...
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siski piski pizdets!!! said...

thank you very much for "Mercury Skies" and "The Journey"!!!!!!!
it was amazzzing !!!!!!!!!