Monday, October 27, 2008

Hit the maximum 5000 friends on facebook! Arg!

So it IS true that there's a friend limit on Facebook - makes sense I suppose, but a bit of a pain...

So, if you didn't get in there early - well, regardless - please add my music page - they don't have limits on the 'fan' pages on facebook and I duplicate all my content on there anyway - so you lose anything. You miss out on status updates - but they all get automatically fed through from my twitter account - so I think it all works!

My new sport will be going through my actual facebook friends and purging all the randoms that now just spam me out for all the pseudo guestlist table service booking r&b crap from cities I don't even live in. Why they don't get kicked off I don't know... It'll be a lovely liberating experience though - eventually all 5000 will be the super creme de la creme ;-)