Tuesday, October 07, 2008

John's work on display at the Royal College of Art

Well, on the whiteboard in the Office...

Yes. I can draw horses.

Big shouts out to Marcus Lanyon and all the people helping out on Friday night when I played at the Royal College of Art Students' Union in London. The whole gang came down and rockkkked it. Hayley dressed as Lara Croft, for the Superheroes theme thing, and Smunty almost went as Kong but chickened out.

I really enjoyed playing, so much so that I did 3 hours, and really was able to play across the board, lots of DnB of course, but I had so much time that I could really play what I wanted and take it right through some dirty electro & techno too. Only downside of the night was some eager young student boys knocking my wine over all my CDs :-( I'll just consider it performance art and save them in case they become famous so I can sell them and buy a swimming pool... ;-)

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