Monday, October 27, 2008

Photos from Saturday in Budapest

Just finished uploading most of these to my myspace, facebook & flickr. Will shortly post to the new site also...

John B @ Club Diesel, Budapest Oct 2008

John B @ Club Diesel, Budapest Oct 2008

Had a really good weekend in Budapest, promoters were lovely guys - I flew out with Hayley on Friday so we had all day on Saturday to see a bit of the city - I've played in Budapest loads of times but never really had the time there to actually look around... Mate gave us a great sightseeing-by-comfortable-car trip, and then for ALL YOU CAN EAT sushi - which was a BIG mistake on the restaurant's part with me and piglet in town... YUM! Jsut don't eat the white sad zombie bunnies with bleeding eyes (yes they had them as dessert sushi things... UGG).

Went to the Budapest Zoo on Saturday and had a quality time - they animals were all out, not hiding at all, so we saw all sorts of stuff (and filmed it) - camels, lions, tigers, bears, rhinos, lots of goats. In fact the highlight was watching the alpha monkey challenge the alpha goat for monkey nuts being thrown into the enclosure by an old man that was not only playing God to some degree, but literally looked like God. Apart from his green dungarees. I think I got some of this on film - will have to look later on today!

The gig was amazing - I played almost 4 hours - totally drained by the end of it but the set went phenominally - atmosphere in the club was electric, totally rammed, and a really nice system too so it was a pleasure. AND I got to try out my new goose-neck mic and talk like a robot. They recorded the set too, so as long as the levels were OK, I should have a super mega mighty 3.5 hr live set for you in the podcast feed soon...

Just uploaded a vintage video of my trip to Graz with MC Lowqui back in 2005 to my vimeo page this morning as well, I found hi-res versions of a lot of the better, older videos, so will be sprucing them up and gradually uploading behind the scenes in preparation for the grand relaunch of next month... Watch. This. Space...