Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PC errrggggg

I've been looking at this most of the day...

Don't worry, I only have one PC and I don't use it for anything important - just a big badass media server for the house and streaming video to my xbox 360s and stuff - but it annoys me like no other. Thank god for my precious Macs...

I had it lovely and resurrected like a dream so decided to replace one of the HDs with a huuuge 1 TeraByte one. Then realised I didn't have the right cables, then got a new sata cable but it wasn't long enough to reach, then got the right one, but it wouldn't boot properly, then waited 4 hours for it to format and to copy over whatever needed copying etc. Anyway, its fixed now I think, and I can watch episodes of Dexter that aren't out in the UK yet. And Hayley can watch series 99 of America's Next Top model - even though we buy all the DVDs eventually anyway!


I could probably pay to fly the actors from the show to come and act it out for me if I spent nearly as much time making tunes as I do being the IT support guy for my house... :-p

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you wannit, you payfrit