Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Video from Donoskoy City, Russia!

Yes I HAVE been busy! Need to spend more time in the studio than editing videos right?

Filmed this back in August when I played in Donoskoy City, a cool city about 2-3 hours drive from Moscow. The promoter was a really cool guy, a local Government official, but he had a special nature park place, with a lake and outdoor nightclub all connected in - think they had plans to build a little hotel there too in the future and promote tourism to the area. The idea being people could come and escape from the hustle and bustle of Moscow to see come nice countryside and go fishing etc - but at nighttime it goes all Ibiza, Russian style!

Alas we were VERY unlucky with the weather - one of the biggest thunderstorms I've ever seen (apart from in Texas) decided to come and hassle us, in fact I'm suprised the plane was even allowed to land in Moscow - so what could have been a load of happy Russian ravers dancing to the sounds of John B under the moonlight was more of a mudpit under thunder and lightening and floods... We still had a great time, but it was a shame that the first time they paid to fly out an international DJ the weather scuppered it :-( I'll be back next year though and they promised me it will be sunny then... ;-)

Big thanks to all the guys that helped out, and for the BLINSKI ETLITCHNA!!!!

Oh, and see the vid through till the end - you get a nice bit of a VJ video for my remix of Glamour for Better at the end...

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Nikita said...

Fucking nice video from beginning to the end, haha!
Like your sarcastic attitude towards everything russian! :)
making a tries to get you back to Siberia and to do this the best way. So maybe see you soon, Jo!