Wednesday, January 23, 2008

60,000 Friends on Myspace!

Whaoh! Just checked up on my myspace account and I've broken the 60,000 friends barrier! Hurrah!

Although, a few thousand of them are probably ringt0ne/pr0n spammer types. Or Dogs...

Turns out they've just introduced a new friend adding function for bands with over 10K friends that can automatically approve friend requests. 

"Hi folks!
In case you are wondering why your friend base grows without receiving any friend requests, we have been working on a new feature that allows bands with over 10,000 friends to automatically approve friend requests to save you some time.
Some bands received this functionality early but in about a week all bands with over 10,000 friends will have the feature. Once the feature goes out to all bands you well be able to turn it on or off in your account settings. - Tom"

Now THAT'S why my friend requests had vanished! I'd began to worry I'd 'fallen off' when in fact Tom has now saved me 20 mins a day at least going through and manually approving all the fans. Excellent. More time to blog...

If you haven't already added me, or even looked at my myspace account, if you're here, you really should - it's Loads of random tour photos as usual, and the video section has all my tour videoblogs - plus you can use the tracks on my music player to make your page look all high brow and full of good taste ;-)

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