Thursday, January 31, 2008

John B vs. Glamour For Better "Architechs of DIscotech

Just got back from a meeting with the band's manager and we've figured out the release plans - so I can finally play you a snippet!

I heard about Glamour for Better randomly in my local newspaper (!), the Maidenhead Advertiser, so I checked out their stuff on Myspace and loved it! Got in touch with their managers/label at Ear Candy Music to see if they fancied a remix, I could tell their sound would work great in a John B D&B/electro stylee. Anyway... this is the result of many hours of me in the studio being a mighty remixer of a mighty band ;-)

Click the Play button to listen (obviously...)

We'll be putting it out as a joint venture on Beta/Ear Candy on 12" vinyl, limited edition coloured vinyl, and then full digital mp3 on itunes/beatport etc 2 weeks after the vinyl release date. More news as it happens...



Anonymous said...

I want it now! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really big remix! love it!!

and I still want the bloc party remix ;-)

Anonymous said...

I Think it's great :D
The bass at the beginning is just awsome :)

Anonymous said...

I'd buy a copy.

Would blend excellently in a set with "Watch the smoke rise".

Atomic said...

Yeh!! I Love it!!!!! It's really really great!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Williams.
When can we expect that "supa-dupa mega trance" mix of the track "Connected (feat. K. Hawkshaw)" you mentioned last year?
All the best.

Anonymous said...

good job! I like it! ;)

Anonymous said...

It's great power remix!!!yeh...=)

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing when played out during a JB set!
As does 'Dancing in the darkness'!!!
:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

I don't know the Original One but this Remix definitely will be in my Beatport-Checkout as soon as i can get it!!! HURRY UP! :D

Anonymous said...

I Think it's great
I want it now
and I Love it!!!!! It's really really great!

PS I dont know english so i have copy the other posts. But it is realy great i think.

Go back to the Ukraine KIEV. We R waiting for U.

EliteGoalie said...

Holy crap, man! You've done it again! Totaly blew me away with Red Sky, and now this! Every track you put out gets better and better! I definitely can't wait for this one to come out! Can we expect pre-release promos like Mr. Freud / Red Sky? :) Keep up the work! This remix is rocking my face off!

Anonymous said...

Just picked this up on promo yesterday. I wish there was a better word than SICK. This is definately a peak hour floor killer!

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