Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still in the studio

Had a very productive few days, been crossing off lingering boring admin tasks one by one, but more importantly, getting some good stuff done in the studio.

Went for a run today, was slow, 34 mins for my usual 4 mile course. My Nike+ thing seems to have lost its calibration settings though, so it thinks I only did 3 - and I know for a fact it was 4 - I've been doing the same route for years. Blah.

Finished watching series 2, part 1 of Heroes last night - thought it was going to be stupid, but was pleasantly suprised. I hope those writers in Hollywood sort out their strike stuff so they can get back to work and do the 2nd part - looks like Syler got his powers back and is going to be badass again. Dr. Suresh and that chearleader, and Petrelli are SUCH TOTAL DOUCHES. Thank god the fate of humanity isn't really down to them...

Ayway - just finishing off yet another new one, called "When the time comes". It's an instrumental D&B track, very minimal and prog/electroey - I guess I've been listening to a lot of deadmau5 lately and it's rubbed off. 

Kept the production really simple, but super tight and technical. So far its on 33 audio instruments, with every sound on its own channel so I could mix it perfectly. I haven't used much audio on this, only about 12 other tracks, but its mainly software instruments rather than dropped in audio files...

Here's a photo of my screen right now for all you g33ks:

Audio in the morning...