Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John B Live Dates Diary

Just updated my myspace page gig listings bit so thought I'd copy the image in over here. 

Looks like I'm free this weekend, which is ACE - I'll be able to do something normal not involving airports, hotels and lack of sleep - hurrah! 

Think I've got a Birthday party to go to on Friday, then probably back to Maidenhead to drop by my mate Linus' D&B event Bassment. They've got Break playing, last time I saw him was randomly a few weeks ago at Heathrow on the way to Switzerland with Silent Witness, and then bizarrely LTJ Bukem, Conrad AND Skibbadee. If we'd known beforehand we should have gone all Judge Jules and got a nice private jet... (We're all super rich in D&B and can afford such simple luxuries). 

OMG just remembered the coat Bukem had on. Legendary. Should have taken a photo indeed. He looked like a very warm, slightly Russian, stylish, pimp. Although I loved THAT giant silver Tommy Hilfiger one from the Logical Progression days (yes I can remember back that far) this one killed it. I'm going to have to find his tailor... If I hadn't been so drunk at Swerve last week I'd have remembered to ask him ;-)

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