Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sixth Sense Depriving me of sleeeep

Watched the Sixth Sense last night on ITV, figured I deserved an hour or 2 of not actually doing something music related. Big Mistake. When I eventually got the courage to try to sleep I kept on thinking this woman was wandering around in my house:

Bizarre really, its not that much of a scary movie and I get the whole thing about the ghosts not being out to get you, for the majority of the time at least. The freaky thing that got me though, was JUST as I'd closed my eyes and sorta said to myself "chill out, ghosts don't want to bother YOU" MY BLOODY CAR ALARM WENT OFF. This is a 2am. So I had to run out in the road to see what was up. Nothing. Then I woke up at 5am feeling a bit freaked out again. 

Must have been those nachos.

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Anonymous said...

Always those nachos :)