Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can anyone translate this?

My German only works after a nice bottle of Reisling...


Anonymous said...

During the last 12 month, JohnB’s DJ-programme got HUGE with sets in Australia, Thailand, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and the USA. He published high-profile singles on Fabio’s Creative Source Label Renegade Hardware and just finished another 3 for Goldie’s Metalheadz Label.

The Single “Up All Night” got massive press coverage:

“An all-time favourite till the end of my life” – 5 Stars DJ Magazine
“D&B single of the month July 2001” – MUZIK
“John B advanced to an essential Producer” – Jockey Slut Magazine, July 2001

“Diversify” will hit the stores soon, included on the “Platinum Breakz” compilation.
Recenty, John’s music did it’s job in various movies, leading to prestige remixes.

…. All the remix stuff in the right Column --- no translation required I think.

John got into Drum and Bass through Fabio and Grooveriders Radioshow on London’s Kiss FM. Will will get in touch with John on the 11th January 2008. JohnB and WTK. It’s gonna be goodE.

Anonymous said...

hope the translation is ok! but we will find out through other comments i think.

got a copy of magazine somewhere in my meter-high piles of magazin. mayebe i'll stumble upon it some day and i will scan, translate and email it to you.

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot the subtitle of the picture. it says: "john b is a REAL musician with loads of different styles in his sleeve. (does this make sense?). on the 11th, john celebrates his birthday with the WTK boys. Happy birthday dude!"

also from my side:

Fabian K. said...

In the past 12 months John B toured through several countries like Australia, Thailand, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Island, Sweden, Denmark and the USA. Additionally he published high-profile singles on Fabios label Creative Source, Renegade Hardware and has just finished three tracks for Goldies label Metalheadz.

The single "Up All Night" will be published on Juny 25 and receives fantastic press reviews: "A record I will enjoy for the rest of my days" 5 stars (DJ Magazine), MUZIK Magazines D&B single of the month, John B has become one of the most important producers (Jockey Slut Magazine, 2001).
You can listen to "Diversify" on the forthcoming "Platinum Breakz".

In the last time John B was hired for some american movies, which lead to several prestigious remixes: .... (you should be able to translate this part by yourself)

John got in touch with drum & bass through Fabio & Grooveriders radio show on Kiss FM London.

The day WE get in touch with him: January 11, 2008. John B and WTK: this will be goodE!

they basically lick your ass in the entire text. I hope you don't have to give an interview for them or anything :P

gon said...

column one:
in the last 12 months, john b's dj schedule took off with tours australia, thailand, finland, switzerland, iceland, sweden, denmark and the usa. also he released multiple high-profile singles on fabio's label creative source, renegade hardware, and just recently, he finished 3 tracks for goldies metalheadz label.
the single "up all night" will be released on 25th of june and already received raving reviews:" a recording i will enjoy the rest of my life." 5 stars (DJ Magazine). muzik magazine d&b single of the month july 2001. john b became one of the essential producers at the moment(jockey slut mag, june 2001). diversify can be heard on the soon to be released "platinum breakz".

Anonymous said...

I give my best to translate it.
Here my Translation:

In the last 12 months, John B's DJ-program has "abgehoben" (= get known and famous in a very short time) with concerts in Australia, Germany, Thailand, Finnland, Switzerland, Island, Sweden, Denmark, and The USA.
Besides he published some high-profiles singles on Fabios Creative Source Label "Renegade Hardware" and finished yet 3 tracks for Goldie's Metalheadz label.
The Single "Up all night" will bi published at te 25. of June and got a brilliant echo of the press: "I'll enjoy this record for the rest of the day - 5 stars" (DJ Magazine). Music Magazine: "D+B Single of the month July 2001". John B has become a essential / indispensable producers at the moment (Jockey Magazine). You will be able to listen to "Diversify" on "Platinum Breakz", which will be released soon. Since a while, John B's music is in some american movies, which lead to some prestige remixes: "Fiction", originally from the US-Rockband "Orgy" from the album "vapor transmissions" of "Mos Def" remixes. A remix of the actual hit of "Pharaoche Monch an Nate Dog - Oh No" at Rawkuss in NYC. A remix of "London's Electricity superstructure" at Hospital Records Compilation "plastic surgery II". And he's doing a remix of the classic "Music Takes You" for Moving Shadow" right now. John got into contact with D+B music through Fabio and Grooveriders Radioshow on Kiss FM in London.
The day we contact him: 11. of January 2008! John B and WTK: It will be great (goodE).

Hope you understand it. I tried :D Hope you can use it.


Anonymous said...

Oh and the text under the picture:
John B is a real musician which controls a lot of styles. At the 11th of January he celebrates his birthday together with the WTK-Guys the anniversary of Marcel. Congratulations, bro!

Anonymous said...

first: i'm a bit drunk at the moment so my english isn't that good at the moment (i'm sorry)

so here is the translation:

During the last 12 months john b's dj-programm grows by touring through australia, thailand, germany, finnland, switzerland, iceland, sweden, denmark and the usa. also he releases "high-profile" singles on fabio's creative source label, renegade hardware and finished three tracks for goldie's metalheadz label.
the single "up all night" is going to be released on the 25th of june and gets fantastic press reviews: "a recording i am going to enjoy the rest of my live" 5 stars (dj magazine), muzik magazine d&b single of july 2001, john b has become one of the indispensable producers (jockey slut magazine, june 2001). "diversify" is going to be on the soon released "platinum breakz.
recently john b'S music was used in some american movies what leads to some (prestige-rich) remixes: "fiction" original from the US rockband "orgy" out of the album "vapor transmission", some mos def remixes, one remix from pharaoche monch and nate dogg's actual hit "oh no" on rawkuss records in NYC, a remix from london electricity'S "superstructure" for the hospital records compilation "plastic surgery 2" and at the moment he is going to do a remix of blames classic "music takes you" for moving shadow.
john first came in contact with drum and bass through fabio and grooveriders radioshow on kiss fm london.

greetz from germany
hope you can understand something!