Sunday, January 20, 2008

The first post...

So... I'm here trying out this new blog, the other one isn't very pretty and efforts to customise it have failed miserably. :-(

I'm back in the UK now, played a great gig in Kiev, Ukraine on Friday night with Ed Rush and Wildchild. Mighty delays  on the plane there and back because of the knock-on effects at Heathrow after the crash on Weds, but got home ok yesterday.

Had a near-death experience with Ed Rush & MC Rhymetime in a 'cab' on the way back to the hotel after dinner - we'd had to split into 2 groups to go back (couldn't all fit in one car), so the promoter went with Wildchild and we went with the other cab. The driver couldn't speak a word of English, and suddenly freaked out when he couldn't find his phone. I think. At least he'd lost something and pulled over, got a torch out and was freaking out trying to find whatever it was and shouting in Russian. Then he got back in, drove like a madman to some wierd, dark park on the outskirts of a dodgy looking slum tower block, that looked straight out of a Ukrainian version of Dog the bounty Hunter's hawaiian crack trading den type places and wandered off into the darkness, presumably looking for his phone, in the spot where he'd dropped it when scoring crack/speed or whatever dodginess had gone on before. Dude comes back, totally scetching out, at this point we clocked he was pretty edgy and crackkky - all start just shouting 'HOTEL!!" to get him to drive us outa there. The number we had for the promoter didn't work, and we couldn't communicate with this guy, and had NO idea where we were, apart from that it wasn't the kinda place we should be, in -5 degress too. AND they both were DESPERATE for a piss.

Anyway, the cab driver guy managed to get us back, after going right past the hotel and driving another 10 mins in the wrong way and almost crashing a few times. Nice. We made it back anyway...

The gig was MIGHTY, totally rammed, really good sound, and Ukrainian MTV were there and interviewed me. They even managed to get me some FRENCH white wine - which is pretty neat for Ukrainian/Russian gigs - I'm usually stuck with some vile creation from Georgia or something, that's corked and verging on hot... Good night overall. 
Flight home was delayed about 4 hours because of the problems at heathrow, but it didn't seem to bad, at least travelling with other DJs for a change, so was a good chance to catch up and have a drink at the airport.

There should be a lot of photos coming soon, there were a few professional photographers there, so I'll post up links where when I get them. The ones I took on my iphone are up on my mobile photo gallery (link on the right):


Badbwoy said...

Here comes photos from Forsage Club, Kiev, Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.B!
thanks for an awesome gig! still your sets in the 2006 used to be way smarter. no it's pall mall sort of everything will go into the pot stuff. But still - best there is!!!

Big Up

John B said...

hey badbwoy - can you email me a .zip of the whole photo set so i can put it up here?

if you know any of the other photographer's info could you send that to me too?

my email is