Monday, January 21, 2008

Photos from Kiev

So here's a few more photos from Ukraine, taken on my iphone and from my .mac mobile photos gallery. Just figuring out the best way to publish them onto here...

Frozen river in Kiev:

Ed Rush & MC Rhymetime in dispair at our 4 hour delay in Kiev :-(

Wildchild checking out the hotel, after 3 hours sleep...


Metalheadz sticker spotted on the inside of a toilet cubicle door in the BA Business Class Lounge at Heathrow... OWN UP GOLDIKUSSS!

Backstage being interviewed for Ukranian MTV and some other TV station. The interviewers didn't even seem to know what D&B was, and left before any of us started playing!

Waiting for cold, but still nice, Beef Stroganoff.

No Bullfighting in the Bar WTF

Blurry Photo before I went on the decks...