Monday, January 21, 2008

RIP Bachelor Mouse

So... I was clearing out some old junk from the loft in the summer, and a little pile of clothes I'd been stashing up there, off eBay, ready to customise in a New Romantic RoboDnB stylee had been shredded up by a mouse/mice and they'd done lots of little poos and wees around there. Gross. And they wrecked my madonna shirts. Have never seen any running around so I'm assuming it was a batchelor mouse, but still, given the history of batchelors in this house I don't want a giant family of mini-mouses running around eating my records and drinking my wine - so I got some traps off eBay, supposidely humane, but now it turns out not, they just LOOK that way - and well, he was no more. Thought that was the end of the chapter, until last week - batchelor mouse number 2 has sadly been trapped while eating my tescos finest mature cheddar in the other one. RIP bachelor mouse.

I put old Christmas cake in the other traps, but hope that was the last of them - the mighty New Year Loft cleansing will indeed prove weather he sperminated any lady mice and set up home next to my old Apple Mac boxes and unused fluoro pink legwarmer boxes...