Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Mighty John B + MDF = DECKSTAND!

I promised these a while back but never got round to it so here you are...

Back in August I was trying to tidy up the house a bit, and sort out my living room, especially the area where I have my decks and computer just for random internetty stuff. It used to just be on a crappy looking wallpaper pasting table with a sheet over it, so I decided it was time to seize the moment and make one, to my specifications, myself - with alpha-manliness and lots of power tools. My girlfriend helped paint it though, so its not totally manly...

Its pretty simple really, I just measured out the dimensions I needed and the guys at Homobase precut the MDF board for you for free which saved a shedload of time, then I just did lots of drilling and screwing and reinforcing etc. This thing is SOLID.

You may now marvel at the spectacular John B home-made deckstand thingie (and don't have a go at me for having a Behringer mixer!):