Friday, January 30, 2009

John B gonna Frrreeeeeze

So I made a bit of a boo boo.

Got out of the car at the airport today feeling like I didn't quite have everything.

No Coat.

Its going to be -14 degrees C in Russia tommorrow.

Oh dear.

Hopefully Radio Records or some nice clothing sponsors in Russia can help me out!!!! ;-)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Botox & boybands...

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

Greetings all...

Will try to make this a quick one, got heaps to do today - Hayley's taking me to the gym in a bit for some hardcore personal trainy bizniz. We've started going to gym in Windsor now instead of Maidenhead, its rumoured Anna Friel frequents it... Still remember her being lesbian in Brookside and burying her dad under the patio. Seen her at heathrow a few times since looking very glamourous with lots of gucci/vuitton bags. Wonder if Sinbad has that many ;-) Anyway, I'll be sure to fill you in if we end up in a press-up competition...

Am gearing up for the biggest gig of my life this weekend, Pirate Sation 7 in St. Petersburg. They say there will be about 40,000 peeps there. I've got killer peak set time too. Still debating what to wear though. My actual Pirate outfit might be a bit too piratey for the pirate station. Today & tomorrow will definitely be some serious studio time days trying to get some specials together - although, I have already got some serrrrrious killers ready to go - just always end up pressuring myself to permier some new John B productions in these sorts of situations. The new tracks I've done recently will be PERFECT though - I think my trancier stuff will destroy it in there huRRAH!

Had a great gig last weekend, in Luzern - played a big dnb party first, then went back to the hotel for a quick chill - and Alan Partridge stylee deeeeep bath - then out to the afterparty to play some technoelectro stuff. I'm not normally a fan of afterparties to be honest - if you haven't already had a great time by 6am I wonder if you ever will - BUT this really was somthing special - the vibe continued over from one club straight to the next - went from a warehouse type of space to a posh looking restaurant/cabaret bar feel - the decks set up on top of a grand piano, velvety curtains everywhere and lots of mirrors and paintings on the walls with gold frames and candlestick holders etc. And me with my blade runner make up and some badass deep techno, minimal and general robopunk beastliness. Wish we'd recorded it!

MC Fava & his Mrs took some cool photos so I've uploaded them all to my Flickr, facebook and myspace, as usual - and there's also a few off my iPhone up on my .mac web gallery page. That hotel was lovely - best this year - massive bath, I actually had 3 baths in it during the 1 night stay - hah! Breakfast we pretty surreal when we got back too - my makeup had completely run all over my face it looked like I was a commando - and everyone pretty tipsy and helping ourselves to all the smoked salmon and posh breakfast morsels. Mmmm.

Oh, last night deserves a mention too - Adam F linked us up with an invite to an opening party for a new Persian Restaurant in Knightsbridge called Uutopia. Hayley got to wear her vintage cocktail dress and I styled it out in my Dinner Jacket and superduper Chanel brooch. A posh French lady tried to touch it but I was all 'NON C'EST TREST MEGA CHANEL!'. WE made friends with lots of photographers and if we're lucky/unlucky might end up in OK! mag this week! Hahah! I think Hayley's mum will just die if we make it into OK! Hahaha! Met a few cool people in the music industry. And Abs from the boyband 5ive. Most random moment of the night was the raffle - which actually included tokens for FREE BOTOX. Seriously. That's pretty cool. There was a lady there who held the world record for most cosmetic procedures on one person - and she looked good too - not crazy cat-lady stylee at all. It must definitely be a case of getting a good surgion. Or just telling them to not make you look like a crazy cat-person. 'HELLO I WOULD LIKE THE FELINE LOOK MONSIEUR'.

OK here's some photos. See ya later!

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

John B in Luzern 24.01.09

Monday, January 19, 2009

Photoblog from this weekend in Ravensburg

A few photos from my iPhone on the trip to Ravensburg this weekend. It was down in the deep south of Germany so I actually flew into Zurich in Switzerland where the fabulous promoters Lars & Chris picked me up in the Merc. We took a little ferry over a huge lake on the way, only a 15 boat ride but pretty cool - couldn't see much though cos it was the middle of the night! Just enough time for a nice glass of wine and a few pirate jokes though...

Chris' A-Ha tape - the ORIGINAL, 'Hunting High & low'. BOH!

Nice tree by the railway crossing somewhere in Switzerland...
Swiss wintery tree


Feasting with Lars & Chris
lars & Chris in Ravensburg

v800 Amps in the club. I used to have one of these driving my subwoofers in the old studio when I lived in my parents' house!
HH v800s

Luke slater graffittigram
Luke Slater 99

Sign outside the club!
Robot 80s electro boy YES!

Excellent chips!
Ravensurg Pommes Master

In the surfmobile on the way back to Zurich

Zurich Surfmobile

Got some new shoes this week, the PAIN!
New shoes & Zurich Airport pain

Photos from Ravensburg this weekend...

Hot off the press, we've got a brand new photo set from John B's gig this weekend for the Reclaim the Beats party @ Club Douala in Ravensburg, Germany.

Photos taken from and

You can see the whole Gallery on John B's Flickr page, myspace & Facebook. There's also a few behind the scenes photos up on John B's iphone photoblog gallery here.

John B @ Reclaim the Beats, Ravensburg

John B @ Reclaim the Beats, Ravensburg

John B @ Reclaim the Beats, Ravensburg

John B @ Reclaim the Beats, Ravensburg

John B @ Reclaim the Beats, Ravensburg

John B @ Reclaim the Beats, Ravensburg

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Greetings from RAVEnsberg

Yes, I'm in a town called RAVEnsberg (in Germany)... Flew into Zurich which is the nearest airport you can get to from Heathrow, and then the lads Chris and Lars drove me over here, a couple of hours across the border and bizarrely on a ferry across the biggest lake in Germany too. Nice. Just had a killer dinner, the hotel here's pretty posh for German small city bizniz, had duck liver with prunes and potato crepes starter, and a wikkid filet steak with potato croquettes. And local wine. Nice one!

Bought a cool cable for my iphone/ipod at the airport today - its a charger but also takes the composite video out so you can output all the video to a Tv etc - currently watching 'brotherhood' in the background. Not a touch on 'The Wire'. I don't think anything ever will be :-( hehe.

Ok, well off to go play to some crazy South German Ravers in Ravensburg. Hurrah!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Repainting the bathroom

yes I am

phase one. it used to be super orange. basecoat tonight. then mocha 2moro. with pebbles I stole from miami beach. nice.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Copied in from the podcast feed for you lazy blog reading gits out there! ;-)

The first John B podcast of 2009 - recorded live at the Palladium club in Freiburg for the 7 Years Jungle Club Birthday Party! 3 hour mighty John B set with MC Fava on the mic, German Dry reisling white wine flowing (as you can hear by the end!). Respect! Photos are up on John B's flickr page. Enjoy!


1. Bloc Party - One Month Off (John B Re-edit) [FULL OFFIAL REMIX ON THE WAY!]

2. John B - Dancing in the dark
3. John B - When the time comes (ReEdit)

4. Klement - Sirene (John B Re-Edit)
5. John B - Disco Hoho Mashup
6. DJ Rashad - Get Down (John B SpeedUpMashUp)
7. John 'Booty' B - Whoomp
8. C4C - Droidz
9. Culture Shock - Kronix
10. John B Vs Iowatest - Timelapse
11. Shockone - Polygon (Viper)
12. ?? - Chaos

13. Grossstadtgefluster - Haufenweise Sheisse
14. The Locarnos - Make Up Your Mind (Alex Metric Remix - John B ReEdit)
15. Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F-111 (CounterStrike '03 Remix)
16. Receptor - Rhyno (Breed)
17. Justice - DVNO (Petits Pilous Remix)
18. Presets - This Boy's In Love (LifeLike Remix)
19. Rainer Werner Bassfinder - Roses are Red
20. Alavi - Smells like Rerox
21. Sebastian - Dog

22. Chase & Status - Pieces

23. Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl (Body&Soul Bootleg Remix)
24. NIN - Hand that Feeds (Zardonic Remix)

25. Simian - We are your friends (Silver Remix)

26. Phonat - Learn To Recycle (John B Re-Edit)
27. John Rolodex - Amenism
28. Cybotron feat. Dillinja - Light Years (Prototype)
29. intstra:mental - The Dead Zone (Darkestral 005)
30. Receptor - Kurchatov
31. Klement - Result (John B Re-Edit)
32. John B - Red Sky

33. John B - German Girls
34. John B - Numbers
35. John B - The Journey (v1.0 Unfinished!)
36. Klement - Check the this is

37. John B - Memorabilia
38. WIT - It Kills (John B ReEdit)
39. Sub Focus - Timewarp
40. John B - Up All Night (Epic Mix)
41. Bloc Party - The Prayer (John B remix)

42. Noisia - Stigma (Vision)
43. Shalamar - Disappearing Act (John B Remix)


44. John Bourke - What is Love?
45. John B - Stalking you on Myspace (Electrohouse Mix)
46. Steve Mac - Have Some Fun
47. Dibaba - In Your Face Is The Place (Gigolo)

---- "Meine Leiblingsessen ist Schwartzwalderkirschtorte..." -----

48. Phetsta & Shockone feat. Grant McCulough - Cyclones
-----"Make some noiseeeeeee. Danke Schone. Auf Wiedersehen. THE POLITZEI ARE HERE"

49. Kelley - Shoes
-----"The Politzei REALLY are here"
-----"Ich mochte Kebabs"

New Year Update!

Greetings all! First post of 2009 so it really ought to be a good one...

I guess the kind of thing you'd probably like to hear about is a NEW PODCAST! Well - you're in luck... Just posted up last night the full 3 hour live set from my gig in Freiburg at the end of November... Click the podcast banner on the right here, or go to to download it - its best for me if you do it through iTunes and subscribe - that way I get the stats (& fame) hehe!

Really excited to get back into the studio today, and for the next week or 2 - I had piles of admin to do over Christmas which I finally got finished on Monday, so I'm rarrrrrring to go. This time of year I have to do the big mammoth year-end tax return accounts stuff, and my quaterly VAT return to send off to my accountant. Not glamorous I know, but important to do properly - have heard far too many stories of DJs not doing that stuff, not paying taxes and then getting stung for gazillllions of £££ and having to go bankrupt and all sorts. Badass. Anyway, nice to have it out of the way and dealt with, I find when I have that sort of stuff hanging over me I can't concentrate on being creative at all!

So, will be having a bash at the new Bloc Party remix today I think, then making a start on the 4/4 mixes of my track with Kirsty Hawkshaw 'Connected' - which is meant to go on my new album, but I think we're also going to try to license it to Armin Van Buuren's label, Armada, or maybe Black Hole, Anjunabeats, or Perfecto. I really like making decent, deep trance, and the last ones I did for Perfecto a few years ago did really well so I think one of my plans for 2009 will be to move in that direction a bit more (not at the expense of my DnB output though!).

Anyway, hope you like the new podcast - I'll be doing the tracklist for it later today so keep an eye on