Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video from Felsziget Festival in Romania on Saturday

Just posted up the latest tour video to my YouTube channel (its also on my facebook, myspace & podcast).

After a crazy/drunk/late night playing in London on Friday night, Hayley and I flew to Romania to headline the Dance Stage at the Felsziget Festival in Targu Mures in Transylvania, Romania. (BY THE WAY PLEASE VOTE FOR ME ON THERE BY CLICKING HERE).

Mega mission to get there, we flew London to Frankfurt, then Frankfurt to Cluj, then a couple of hours drive to Targu Mures, 30 mins to change then straight to the party! Mighty! was an amzing experience though - and great to play to such a huge, mega-up-for-it crowd! We only had 4 hours to sleep afterwards then did it all again to get home! So if we look a bit whackkked on the trip home you know why! Hah!

Felsziget is the sister festival to the big one, Sziget, in Hungary which takes place later in the month. I played there a couple of years ago, the day after there was a big terrorist thing in the UK and they stopped you taking hand luggage, and I ended up playing in front of 4000 people with no baggage at all, only 4 Cds worth of music I'd managed to download on the antiquated computers in the hotel business centre (by buying my album off my own website and a few electrohouse/techno tracks I'd not heard before off beatport!). I'm glad they invited me back!! hahah!

Anyway, here's the video - and remember to pay special respect to the SIDEBOOOOB!!!


Just got back from the hairdressers after having my head mega-chemicalised! Carly did an amazing job and now I'm super blonde again! Yay!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Starscape 2008 Video!

Just posted up a new tour video - from my gig at the Starscape 2008 festival in Baltimore, USA back in June... Its up on youtube (click here) and is currently uploading to my myspace and facebook as we speak - I'll also have it on the podcast feed shortly too. Fabulous. I bet my internet providor loves me right now...



What an amazing gig in Romania on Saturday! Got back home last night - a LONG day travelling - but man, it was worth it! We were at the Felsziget Festival, in Targu Mures, I think right in TRANSYLVANIA!! We didn't see any Vampires though - BUT lots of horses and carts! 

You can see a few photos from the gig here: 

It took AGES to get there though - I took Hayley with me so that certainly helped get through it! On a MEGA hangover after Friday night's London excursion we were on the road at 1130, flew to Frankfurt, then connected to Cluj, then a 2 hour drive through windy Romanian roads to get to Targu Mures! We managed to get showered, changed and make-up-ed in 30 mins at the hotel then ZOoooooomed to the stage. LOVED it though. The kiss arena held about 3-4000 people, massive sound system and lightshow, dancers and all that! No wine - but cunning John B & Hayley bought some Sancerre at Frankfurt airport... Hehehehe.

So yeah - it went ace - played one of my best sets of the year for sure, started with Dnb, dropped some electro&techno for about 20 mins, then went back to Dnb for the end. OH - hahaha and there was a power cut about half way through for a few minutes - the whole place went pitch black, all the sound off and everything... I had a little LED book light in my bag and shone it on my face like a little blair witch John B. Ah the joy! When the power came back on it was amazing though - the whole place just roarrrrrred. All the new tracks I've been working on went down MIGHTY. So yeah. It was a good one. Oh, and NO MCS. Thank f&%k for that. (By the way, I DO actually like MCs and think they work great with normal DnB sets - just not mine, for the most part...)

We had the video recorder out there too so will post up the tour video later in the week. I should have filmed the mud though... Romania claimed my Hi-Tops. But I returned non-vampirey. ;-)

You just go to the stars rating bit and give me lots of em - and click on the PARTY TIME bit! Looks like I'm already way about Freeland and Bukem! Huzzzah! 


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Last night in London

Up early about to go to the airport to get to Romania... 

Just a quick hi to everyone that came to see us in London last night - sorry I only got to play 1 hour - and sorry I was a bit shit - at least I feel like I was shit, my friends tell me otherwise so that's one saving grace - got really pissed off with MCs not STFUing despite me asking them politely to stop - really felt that ruined it - there's nothing I hate more than MCs just blabbering on over my music when it obviously isn't suitable - acting like they will stop and then just carry on again etc etc. 

AND it being super dark by the decks and there being nowhere to put my CD books so I couldn't find anything - and the sound system sucking. But apart from that it was cool. Nice to see it so busy and I hope I didn't let anyone down by getting in a crap mood because of that. I promise I'm normally a lovely and well-behaved boy...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Live feed from my gig coming up on Saturday night...

Thought I'd let you know about a live video & Audio stream from my big gig on Saturday night at the Felsziget Festival in Romania (TRANNNNNSYLVANIA). 

I was looking around on the website for the event last night to see who else was on, and what its like - and found that they are actually streaming live video and audio from all the stages - thought you lot might like to know!!

CLICK HERE to see my stage (the kiss arena) about 1-3am Romanian Time on Saturday night (You'll have to work out what that translates to wherever you are) and, as long as I made the flight connection in Frankfurt you should see me up on stage, with Hayley a bit drunky - hopefully enjoying some wine and not being eaten by VAMPIRRRREZ!!!

See ya there! (Or cyber-styleee)

Little Video from Lodz

My man in Lodz, Poland - the mighty Moon B just sent over a quick video someone filmed when I played over there a couple of months ago (there are photos somewhere too but I lost them in the marass...).

Its pretty dark, but you can see the pretty lights, and see me sometimes, and hear Polish people screaming. Classic YouTube nightclub footage...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos from This Weekend...

Played a 4/4 ElectroTechnoPunk set on Friday in Kiev at Forsage club - MIGHTY as usual - really enjoyed not playing DnB for a change, and the pressure of playing stuff I wasn't super familiar with. Rocked it! Thanks to Bogdan and Topolsky & everyone out there. Oh, apart from the car with no seatbelts to the airport the day after. NO DEAD JOHN B!

Nice car - but no seatbelts. ITS OK I DRRRRIVE SPEEED LIMIT. FUCK no. Respect to Dima for not craashing though!

Kiev Kru Rockkkkin out!

Amuzing Ukraine Interview questions... About girls... ;-)

The Mighty Bogdan and Topolsky

Saturday was fun too - I flew back to London from Kiev then back out to Basel, Switzerland - amazingly I made the connection and even more amazingly my checked bag made the connection too. Don't believe all the bad things they tell you about Terminal 5...

There was a gazillllion of us at that party on Saturday, Me, Adam F, Bryan G, Aphrodite, Spor, Storm, Skibbadee, IC3, Swift etc etc - organising that many junglists into a minibus to the hotel is no mean feat - proved by a pit stop to grab a sandwich in a gas station ending up taking about 45 minutes and scaring a lot of people in the McDonalds. ENTSCHULDIGUNG!!!!!!

Drove over to Lahr for the gig anyway - I played as the sun came up in the outdoor area which was lovely - palm trees all around me, pretend beach sand and all sorts. Crap wine though... I think I'm going to change my rider to ask for Sancerre every time - OMG especially in Ukraine - that stuff was bllllluuueueueuerrrrrg! hahaha! Good for my liver to have a break anyway...

Here's a few pics I took on my iPhone and up on my mobile photos gallery...

The KING of the Jungle. Man this dude was OFF HIS HEAD. His pants had dollar bills all over them and well, a fabulous belly - like King Henry VIII. RULER OF ALL RAVES.

Too much Rave. He was alive though, just sleeping. On the Pavement...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Photos up from Warsaw

Mr. Kraff - the wonderful promoter from Warsaw sent over some photos from my gig over there a few weeks ago. I've popped them up on my flickr page and will have them up on facebook and myspace later on today too... 

Click here for the whole set...

John B @ La Playa Beach Bar, Warsaw

John B @ La Playa Beach Bar, Warsaw

John B @ La Playa Beach Bar, Warsaw

Scariest Movie I've seen in a LONG time...

Won't be going up into the loft alone any time soon...

Was totally whackked yesterday, the gigs on Friday and Saturday were great - but I ended up running on only about 2 hours sleep yesterday, so by the time I got home all I was good for was takeaway pizza and a DVD... Ended up watching [Rec] with Hayley - and OMG it was ACE. Spanish language kinda cross between Blair Witch, 28 Days Later, the Exorcist and plenty of Zombie movies.

I won't spoil it for you, just check out the trailer here, but man - it woke me up...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm on Beatportal CRIBS! hahaha!

So, a few weeks ago the guys from came over to the mighty John B Towers to interview me, check out the studio and just generally get a bit of a behind the scenes look at what I get up to. Ah the glamour...

You can watch it here:

Or on youtube here:

Heavy Weekend coming up!

Hi folks - thought I'd just pop online and say hi... Gearing up for a big weekend - playing Kiev on Friday night, an electro/techno set so I'm excited about that - a good chance to play some different music and not have to stick to 100% dnb... Germany on Saturday night's gonna be big too - although I jsut heard my set time is 5-6am so I think they've got me on the last set - sun coming up stylee! Hah!

Just found a little video on youtube from last time I played at the Forsage club in Kiev, after Ed Rush and Rhymetime. I look a bit wierd - but it'll help you imagine what it's going to be like...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing London in a couple of weeks

Just thought I'd share these lovely flyers with you... I'm playing in London next Friday... See ya there!



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Birthday soon...


Working hard on getting new music together today, first time I've been in the studio for a while - just been doing some re-edits and remixes for my sets - going well...

Am playing the Royal College of Art Summer Ball at Fabric tomorrow night so really looking forward to that, should kick off the Birthday celebrations too - I turn 16 on Saturday... ;-)

Also a quick shout out to Jorn and Denis over in Mainz - I played over at their party on Friday night and had a great time - MAD crowd!

OH, and if any of you readers have psychic weather-controlling powers, please help us pray for sunshine on Saturday - I don't want a wet BBQ biznizzzzzz!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My very own triffid

Just got these in the post today (yes it amazed me that they can post them too)...

Decided I'd like to try my hand at carnivorous plants again, and this time I wont poke them with pencils like when I was a kid...

Got a mighty Venus Fly Trap, a Sundew, and a North American Pitcher Plant (the big daddy). 

No flies are safe now in chez John B. BwahaaaaahaaaR!