Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tickets for my gig at Fabric in London, July 9th

Just had some info through from the promoter for the gig I'm playing at in London in July...

Wednesday 9th July

Royal College of Art Students' Union Summer Ball

"The full confirmed lineup is yourself, Scratch Perverts, Velofax, Dogshow and a whole bunch of randoms wandering around in massive animal costumes. The theme is Elegance & Animals :) "

Its a Student's only event, BUT I figured a few of you guys would want to come, so I've managed to get him to set aside 10 tickets for you lot (you don't have to be a student!).

It's first come first served, so if you want a ticket, email me at jb@john-b.com with TICKETS in the subject line, and the first 10 I'll pass on to the promoter and you can arrange payment/delivery with him. They're £25 each. Pricey - I know, sorry about that - but these Student Balls seem to be...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Photos from Domino Club, Odessa on Friday!

Thanks to the mighty Topolsky for finding me the link for this photoset from my gig in Odessa on Friday... Click here to see the whole set ;-)

Was a heavy trip - you can't fly direct from London to Odessa so I had to wake up at 5am to get to Heathrow Airport, then connected in Prague. Slept most of the afternoon in the funny hotel after that - but was good to not have to do anything once I got there. The hotel was right next to the club, so really convenient - but I think they were still refurbishing it, was really empty and ghostly - kinda reminded me of that film, 'the Grudge' or whatever generic horror movie where you're alone in a big old building...

Bogdan & Topolsky took me out for a quick dinner before the show - some nice little Italian restaurant in the centre of Odessa, with a totally smashed drunk dude passed out on the street outside (see photo on the last post) - and I gotta say, I think they made the best ceasar salad I've ever had - wasn't expecting that!

So yeah - the gig was great, totally packed out and everyone going mad! Hah, and the whole 'Siski, Piski, Pizdetz!' thing was catching on big style (its some kinda rude phrase my friends in Russia taught me - roughly translates to 'Tits, pussy - fucking hell woohar!' or something like that)... I saw a few ravers in customised shirts & dresses with it all over, and some dude had a huge sign he was holding up in the middle of the dancefloor. Mad! Haha!

I also did an interview for Star TV, the main National TV station for Ukraine and then they followed me round in the club a bit. Tried to follow me into the toilet too. Not good... ;-) If I can get hold of a link to it online I'll post it up here then...

Anyway, here's the photos - the link to the whole lot is above, and you can also find them on my facebook, myspace, and flickr as usual...

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

John B @ Domino Club (Ukraine)

Photos from Odessa on Friday!

I've got a whole bunch of great professional photos from the club too - I'll post them later today, but here's a few I just took with my iPhone...

Lovely view of the Black Sea from the balcony of my hotel room...

In a VERY scarey super-old elavator in the Hotel. I AM STILL ALIVE!

Topolsky showing me one of Odessa's drunk sleeping people. ;-)

Tour Dates Update...

Just been through the new diary my agent sent me and have updated the listing on my myspace. Here's the listing of my future gigs:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos from SIberia!

The mighty Antyom (Phanatique) sorted me out with a link to all the photos from when I played in Novosibirsk in Siberia a couple of weeks ago - they came out GREAT!

You can see the original photoset at: www.allnight.ru/reports/1237  and its archived on my flickr page here too...

John B @ Rock City Club, Novosibirsk, Russia, 13.4.08

John B @ Rock City Club, Novosibirsk, Russia, 13.4.08

John B @ Rock City Club, Novosibirsk, Russia, 13.4.08

John B @ Rock City Club, Novosibirsk, Russia, 13.4.08

John B @ Rock City Club, Novosibirsk, Russia, 13.4.08

John B @ Rock City Club, Novosibirsk, Russia, 13.4.08

Photos from Pforzheim!

Got some cool photos from my gig in Germany last week sent through from the promoter & his mates. I really had a fabulous time over there, the set up in the booth was so comfortable and the monitors were KILLER it really was a pleasure playing - I just wish I'd let them record it!!

I've uploaded them all to the usual spots, my facebook page, my facebook music page, my myspace AND my flickr page. Really liking flickr these days actually - I've migrated ALL my random tour photos and EVERYTHING I ever had online into that gallery there, so there's heaps of stalking material now for those of you so inclined...

Click here for the full gallery.


John B @ N1ghtshift, Pforzheim 2008

John B @ N1ghtshift, Pforzheim 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Tesco Devlivery, Condom Related Incident...

Haha! Tescos strike again...

So my internet grocery order came the other day, and the only substitution was these condoms - there was a buy one get one free offer on, and they substituted these ones instead of the other ones I prefer (these ones they sent have got some wierd numbing stuff in for, erm, the over eager). 

Anyway that's no biggie, but they were still in the security box thing - so I made a nice sticker and its now a nice ornament on the shelf...

Terminal 5...

So - I've been through T5 at Heathrow a couple of times now, and I must say I'm impressed - don't believe all the nasty stuff u hear on the TV...

First time I landed it took 17 minutes from walking off the plane to picking up my bag. SKILL!

Was a bit slower this weekend, but still faster than in the old days. And OMG the BA Business Lounge is PIMP. GRAND CRU CHABLIS! Yes yes. And really good food. And just generally the whole terminal is really calming. So - John B gives ya top marks, so far...

Off to Ukraine on Friday morning, super early, but not T5 so it'll seem like a slap back down to earth... Sure the gig will be huuuwwwwage though...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Youtube Video from Pfortzheim on Saturday!

Just had a nice email from the promoter in Pfortzheim, got a load of photos and stuff from the gig I did there on Saturday, and a little video someone put up on YouTube you might enjoy. Its pretty dark, and the system was LOUD so its a bit distorted, but you can get a good feeling for vibe we had in there! AND you get to hear me speaking in German to the crowd! Haha!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RIP my ibook

Alas my beloved first ever mac laptop has died. Just got it out today to try to do a clean install of Tiger to maybe sell it or give to Mum or something, but it wont start, I think the power supply is dead. They don't seem to sell on ebay for more than about £50 so I'm going to lay it to rest in the loft. Next to the dead mice...

RIP ibook. You served me well.


Yeah, so on Sunday I got up pretty early to get to Moscow DME airport, and take S7 airlines to Novosibirsk. 

John B iPhone photos

Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 as the future site of the Trans-Siberian Railway bridge crossing the great Siberian river Ob, and was known as Novonikolayevsk after Tsar Nicholas II. The bridge opened for traffic in the spring of 1897. Its importance further increased early in the 20th century with the completion of the Turkestan-Siberia Railway, connecting Novosibirsk to Central Asia and the Caspian Sea. (Ok that's from Wikipedia...)

Yeah so basically Novosibirsk is a pretty young city for Russia, and its right in the middle of the country - there's a little church with a gold roof that some people say is the exact heart of Russia. Pretty cool. And that river Ob is HUGE. The widest river I think I've ever driven over. 

John B iPhone photos

Luckily this time it wasn't winter time, so I didn't freeze my nuts off - and the hotel was nice too, they even gave us Quesedillas at 4am when I got back from the club. Although their wine was eeeeuuuurrrrghhhh! hahah!

John B iPhone photos

AS predicted the flight was pretty painful, S7 have got a lot more 737s these days, although I bet they're OLD ones - but this was on my least favourite, the Tupolev Tu-154.

Supposidely they're very strong and safe, but inside they are SOOOOO cramped and uncomfortable and mega-old looking. Anyway, I made it there and back safe so I won't complain much. But when people applaud on landing like you sometimes get anywhere, you really get a sense its quiet appreciation that we were all still alive...

Gotta say too that the stewardesses were a lot friendlier than I've had in the past, in both directions on this airline. In the past on aeroflot I've been shaken awake, while asleep with earplugs in and eyepatch on, and almost shouted at, intially in Russian, then just "WHITE MEAT OR DARRRRRRRK MEATTTTTT". hahaha. These guys were cool though, I think it helps when I comically try to speak Russian to them, at least a bit of "Spasiba". I learned how to ask for a window seat this time actually, which they loved - "Miessta oo ochna pajalista". Rock on!

John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos

The club was really cool though, Rock City - one of those multi-room places I see a lot in Eastern Europe/Russia, where there's a Restuarant, several different mini-clubs inside, sometimes a casino, all sorts of stuff, and loads of flashing strobe lights outside. I hadn't eaten all day so they sorted me out a really nice salad and steak that the waitress poured something on and set alight right at the table. Yum. 

John B iPhone photos

Oh yeah and the owner was into big game hunting and there were all sorts of hunting trophies up on the wall, all around me, antelopes, wild boar, even an elephant skull. Intense...

John B iPhone photos

They had really good wine for russia though, I got a nice Chenin Blanc & Chardonnay blend so was happy. Until some drunk girl tried to grab it off me while I was playing. I put her in her place. DO NOT STEAL JOHN B'S PRECIOUS WINE THAT WAS HARD TO FIND. Stealing fine wine off me in Russia is like stealing the last bottle of water in a post apokalyptic bomb shelter as far as I'm concerned. ;-)

Did a fun interview with a lady from MTV Russia backstage (complete with the dancers getting changed right next to us - a first) and then a couple more for internet things I think. I'll post them up here if anyone shows me where they are...

John B iPhone photos

Gig went really well as usual, very intense crowd - half the time it almost looked like they wanted to eat me or something! Really good fun, and took loads of pictures and signed things afterwards usually - but folks - you gotta get some good pens - ball-points really aren't any good for proper body-part-signing! hahah!

Here's a few photos I just took in the club with my iPhone, hopefully I'll be able to find the galleries the professional photographers took this week. If any Russian fans are out there and can send the links I'd be very grateful thanks!

John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos

And here's the rest...

John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos

Anyway, thanks to the promoters for putting on great events and BIG thanks to all my Russian fans that came to the parties! See you in Samara and Ufa over the summer... ;-)

My iPhone photos from Moscow

All my photos EVER are up on my flickr page now, but I'll link the fun ones here...

John-B-Eye-View of the Moscow Trip...

Relaxing at my special table...

John B iPhone photos

Tea Table...

John B iPhone photos

Spooky Hotel Hallway. There were pianos in every landing area too. Nice!

John B iPhone photos

Just arriving early at the gig, back of the main hall.

John B iPhone photos

How it looks from on stage!

John B iPhone photos
John B iPhone photos

The lovely ladies who got me to the Airport the day after. Thanks!

John B iPhone photos

Back from Siberia!

John B @ Tuning Hall, Moscow 12.4.08

Hi folks!

Got back late on Monday night from Russia - played Moscow on Saturday (at Tuning Hall) and Novosibirsk in Siberia (@ Rock City) on Sunday night.

Both gigs were fantastic - Moscow was about 3,000 people in the whole place, there were a few of us over from the UK for that one, Mark from C4C, Jon from Distorted Minds, SPL and Sol from Chase & Status. Poor Sol had badass travel problems apparently - he was 2 minutes late to check in at Heathrow, and ended up having to get a new ticket altogether and fly through Frankfurt, and Switzerland or something! He rocked up after me about 2am, straight from the airport looking totally fucked - but MASSIVE respect for the mission - a stronger man than I! Oh and I'm totally stealing that plan B remix he opened with...

So yeah, the Moscow gig was huuuuge, the crowd were amazing and totally went mad when I got on stage, screaming, photo/autograph hunting and all thatt! I got a bit freaked out and looked into the lazer-machine on stage up close by accident when taking photos, and ended up a bit blind in my left eye for 30 mins. VERY scarey, but I can see fine now thank God. They also had big flame machines behind the decks too, but totally not cordoned off or anything - I had a suspicion they were going to blast out fire so stayed clear, but man, SO DANGEROUS. I guess health and safety laws don't apply in Russian Raves. I swear that thing nearly set several DJs on fire... Anyway, you can see from all the photos what went on - rock on and thanks to the organisers!

Oh yeah and the hotel deserves a special mention - they had a wall of fame of photos on the wall by reception, including, Margaret Thatcher, STALIN, and a bunch of Russian Celebrities. They gave me a glass of Brut when checking in. PIMP. Was very posh in an old Soviet stylee, I liked it. Their Club Sandwich was legendary too. But it ought to be for 600 Rubles...

Photos from the gig: (thanks to Elena for sending the links!)





Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Deadmau5 no. 3 or 4?!!

Aaaaaargh!!! I was looking for the 2nd moustrap and it seems it had snapped and fallen through under the boards in the loft. I think this is now deadmau5 number 3, or 4. Have ordered more traps off ebay. Pain in teh aSS. (Sorry deadmau5es but I don't want you eating my clothes in the loft. Or nibbling me in my sleep).

Hayley was kind enough to fish it out and get rid of it... (Sometimes she does stuff round the house...!)

Caption Competition??

Caption time...???!

I miss the beach :-(