Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It's finally here! The first of my new 'Evolve' series. I'll write more soon but the press release below spells it out pretty clearly. Hope you like the new direction - and the video!



Download here:
Beta Recordings store: http://jhnb.me/EVLV01
Apple Music: http://www.smarturl.it/BETA050
Spotify: http://jhnb.me/EVLV1Sptfy
Beatport: http://jhnb.me/EVLVv1bt

Beta Recordings’ 50th release and the beginning of a new chapter for Label owner John B.

Evolve is an exciting new project, musically & conceptually, from John B. A consistent series of new releases, reliably out every month, a new musical direction, the rebranding of the John B Podcast to ‘Evolve Radio’, and a futuristic touring concept & a compilation mix series to come.

Moving away from the traditional cycle of artist albums - long periods of quiet, then sudden push to promote one album, followed by silence again, this will mean a faster cycle from track completion to release, and steadier stream of adventurous, new music, continuously and regularly released – the vibe, awareness & promotion will develop organically as the project progresses.

Fusing the influence of mature, uplifting, progressive electronic music with the power, energy & surgical production values of Neurofunk & big-room Epic Drum & Bass, but still looking back and referencing his roots, John B’s sound is Evolving once more. Think Pryda vs Noisia, Jean Michelle Jarre vs DLR, Vangelis vs Hybris. Huge evolving arpeggios & uplifting yet restrained soundscapes contrasting with the tight drums & unstoppable force of modern electronic Drum & Bass. This is the mission statement.

The first track in this continuing series itself is entitled ‘Evolve’ and features speech & vocals contributed by fans from all over the world. A long, unfolding epic, morphing intro slowly builds into a tight, simple drop cutting straight through to the dancefloor, twists & develops further into a second drop where mangled reece basslines emerge from the depths and take things to the next level. A perfect release to set the bar high & begin an exciting new journey…

Monday, July 04, 2016


If you're interested in what tunes are most important to me check out this recent interview I did with Bassrush!