Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A rare London gig on Weds Dec 17th!

Very pleased to announce I'll be DJing at the Soul In Motion Christmas party next Wednesday December 17th!

It's my favourite DnB night in London at the moment and great to be playing in the UK for a change too! 

Love the venue its in the basement of a posh hotel, right in the middle of London, West End so really easy to get to - and they have really good drinks too! Amazing sound system, small but really cool and comfortable venue, and awesome music policy, really deep, interesting, forward thinking underground Drum & Bass - going to be doing my best to get some special new tunes done in time...

And - its FREE ENTRY - just RSVP email with your full name to 

See ya there!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

My mix for the official Sun & Bass Podcast

I was honoured to be asked by the Sun & Bass crew to do a mix for their official podcast - so here it is!

I wanted to do a set sensitive to the Sun & Bass vibes, more musical, liquid & soulful tracks than I usually get to play at my bigger club gigs, pulled out a few classics for the old-school headz & then ramp up the energy towards the end! Hopefully this brings a little bit of sunshine into your ears!

Please share on Facebook & Twitter etc so more people get to hear it! :-)

Friday, November 21, 2014

All my sets from Sun & Bass 2014

Just a little post to consolidate all my sets from this year's fabulous Sun & Bass festival - if you already subscribe to my podcast or follow me on Facebook etc then you should have already spotted them, but if not - here you go!

I'm actually recording the next episode of the official Sun & Bass podcast this weekend so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Been ages since I updated this blog, seems a little redundant now that we all use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc - but I'll keep it alive anyway!

John B Live @ Ripping Club (Drum & Bass Set)

John B Classic D&B Set @ La Cinta Beach w/ MC Lowqui

John B Italo Disco/80s/90s Set in San Teodoro Town Sqare

Monday, April 28, 2014

John B Podcast 133

Not a Pryda Snare in sight - just 14 of this week's best new Drum & Bass tracks!
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1. I Wanna Feel (Brooked Brothers Remix) - Second City
2. Happy (TC Bootleg Remix) - Pharrell Williams
3. Cold Spring ft. Robert Manos - Seba
4. Halftruth - Dabs, Need for Mirrors & HLZ
5. Virtual Realmz (John B Epic Mix) - J Laze
6. Mixed Emotion - Dexcell
7. Clouded Judgement - Phil Tangent
8. Every day is Holiday - nClear & Eugenics Eight
9. Supersonic - Electrosoul System
10. Sex Dwarf - John B ft. Robyn Chaos
11. Good Life (Danny Byrd Bootleg Remix) - Inner City
12. Fire - Hamilton
13. Guessing Games (Bailey Remix) - Zero T & Script
14. Half Light (Audio Remix) - Wilkinson

Saturday, April 26, 2014

John B Podcast 132

If you're here then I'm sure you already know all my podcasts are up at but here's a link to the latest episode & an update...

Last Autumn I was asked by Radio Record in Russia to do a weekly radio show for them to broadcast on their FM station across Russia (they have over 130 regional stations now - a bit like Kiss FM here in the UK). So, since then I've been doing the podcast every week too - the same DJ mix as for the Russian Radio show, just I do a different voiceover and brand it differently.

Every week the podcast is available to download, for free. You can subscribe on iTunes so you automatically get it downloaded whenever there's a new one, or stream/download from Soundcloud - or just download the mp3 link directly to do whatever you want with it. Either way, all the links are at

1. Beating Heart (Dexcell Remix) – Ellie Goulding
2. Night Vision – Technimatic
3. Summit – Chords
4. Red Sky (ft. Shaz Sparks) – John B
5. Burnside Park – Submorphics
6. Figjam – Digital
7. Chasing a Dream – Technimatic
8. Better Things (VIP) – Crytical Dub
9. Forest Fires (ft. Etherwood) – Fred V & Grafix
10. Apache Trip (VIP) – Tim Cant
11. Creeper – Digital & Spriit
12. Hell Sequence – Gmorozov
13. Dark Shadows (ft. Rene Lavice & Total Science) – S.P.Y
14. 420 – Sunchase
15. Jet Pack – Prolix

Photos: John B @ Pravda Bar, Ufa 18.04.14

Well, I thought blogger would arrange these in an album, but apparently not...

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