Friday, February 27, 2009

Random photo from Friday in Debrecen

Thought you might get a laugh out of this... It's not all boobies... ;-)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photos: John B @ Kinka Mozi, Debrecen 21.02.09

Posting this in from

Thanks to all the folks that sent us links to the galleries from all the photos that were taken at the gig on Friday! John B played at Kinka Mozi, in a city called Debrecen which is about 3 hours drive East from Budapest and absolutely smashed the place with a killer 2 hour set of his brand of ElectroRobotic Drum&Bass & a bit of ElectroTechnoPunk to a packed out club of about 1000 people. Super hot in there!

We've got some cool video to come later too and will be posted in all the usual places and

The full photo galleries can be viewed on John B's flickr, facebook & myspace.

Thanks again to the promoters & organisers for a great night, all the fans, and everyone that helped by sending us their photos!

John B @ Kinka Mozi, Debrecen Feb 09

John B @ Kinka Mozi, Debrecen Feb 09

John B @ Kinka Mozi, Debrecen Feb 09

John B @ Kinka Mozi, Debrecen Feb 09

John B @ Kinka Mozi, Debrecen Feb 09

Monday, February 23, 2009


Just found the first few photos from my gig in Moscow on Saturday on (the Russian Facebook).

Enough lazerz?! WHOAH! Luckily I didn't look into them so I can still see - but I think they burned some holes in the back of my jacket ;-)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick Blog from the airport!

Yes, I really am this mashed... Taken with webcam on my laptop at Moscow DME 5 mins ago...

Hi guys - just sitting in Moscow airport here waiting for my flight to Ufa - another 2 hours into the east of the country... Last night in Moscow was INSANE! Huge party for the Pirate Station guys again... Had a cool time, hanging out with all the other artists backstage, Goldie, Grooverider, Spor, Dieselboy etc. When we eventually got some alcohol delivered things got pretty messy! Hah!

Absolutely loved playing to the crowd - even at 5am the place was still rammmmmmed and the crowd so responsive - so thanks to all my Russian fans! ;-)

Didn't get much sleep though, only 5 hours tonight, and the hotel was still being built so was woken up by the sound of hammers and drills etc. So tired I just dozed through it though. Feeling the pain now though, Hungary on Friday night was ace as well, but I only had time for a quick shower after the gig and then straight into the car (with a non English speaking, but Tiesto-obsessed driver) for the 3 hour trip in the snow to Budapest, then the flight to Moscow. I think I've managed to completely destroy my body clock altogether! ;-)

Looking forward to the gig tonight in Ufa - I have a feeling its gona be biggg, and then reallly looking forward to getting home on Monday to see hayley, and get some sleep, and have some nice Grand Cru Chablis... Mmmmm

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My first HD video!

Hi guys - time for a quick update, although I really should be in the studio right now finishing the 2nd Bloc Party Remix ("One Month Off")...

I've been hard at work figuring out how to use Final Cut Pro, the big daddy of video editing software, so that I can edit videos from my new camera, which is all super duper mega HD 1080p bizniz! Managed to learn just enough to do the first one and its all uploaded now on my vimeo page, and also on youtube. In HD! Pretty hard work, you have to get it all correct with the prefect codecs and file formats. Headache!

It doesn't let me embed the video on this page in HD, so if you want to see it in all the hi-res glory, click here.

Other than that not much to report - just been constantly working hard, and far too much, but just about managing to get some excercise, still sticking to my 1x gym and 2x 4 mile runs a week - and happy to report I've now lost 8 pounds since Christmas... Hoping I can keep it up and fit into my pink speedos in time for Miami... (Yes you will need HD video for that!)

Hope you like the little facelift I gave the blog and the podcast page earlier in the week with the help of the mighty Trickartt - still more to do, but wanted it to look more like the main site too...

Been and got my hair cut again today so I look lovely for the weekends gigs - I must admit I'm not looking forward to all the travelling, I'm gonna be so tired by the end of it... Hungary on Friday, then no sleep and straight to the airport after the gig to fly to Moscow - hopefully will be able to sleep in the hotel in the afternoon before the gig there on Saturday, then Sunday I fly to Ufa, further into Russia, do the gig, MAYBE get some sleep, then on Monday I fly from Ufa to Moscow, then Moscow to London. If you see me looking a bit tired just give me a pat on the head and maybe a little hug :-(

Out in Maidenhead with Hayley tonight hopefully - maybe Ivory lounge and the dreaded (but secretly loved) Smokey Joes...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

John B imposters!

This kind I like! Heheh! The guys above from last night's gig in Pfortzheim (which we successfully recorded and I already have the .mp3 file so look for the link of that tomorrow!)

The other kind - I don't like - some douschebag in Russia is pretending to be me on vKontakte - but I think I spotted him early enough to get the internets police on his case...

So, just to clear it up

The REAL John B on is:

The FAKE one is:

Friday, February 13, 2009

You know you've really 'made it' when...

You're in OK! Magazine!

Annoyed they didn't use the pics of me with Hayley, and used the one of me accompanied by a lady with 'JUGGERNAUGHT' in her name! Hah! Still - pretty cool! Next stop GMTV ;-)

John B in OK! Magazine!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Need your Vote (again) for the IDMAs in Miami please!!

Greetings all - its that time again where I need you to do a few clicks on my behalf...

My track 'Red Sky' (with the fabulous Shaz Sparks on Vocals) has been nominated for Best Drum & Bass track at the IDMAs (International Dance Music Awards) which is held in Miami during the WMC (Winter Music Conference). Its the only D&B-related category in there, mostly more mainstream dance stuff - so really great to be nominated! (Thanks to those of you that helped with that!)

So if you go to this link, remember to vote for my track, 'Red Sky' and whatever other categories you want to (you don't have to plough through them all, it lets you leave as many blank as you want) and then when they email you back to validate your vote just click the link in the email and its all done. It only takes a couple of minutes and I'd be superrrrrr grateful for the support!


OK I'm off to get this new podcast done - hope you liked the new video yesterday!

Rock on!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Video: Behind the scenes at Creamfields Poland August 2008

Hi folks. Just posted up a new video (although its from an event last summer - got round to editing it in the end!) to all the usual spots... If you're subscribed to the John B Podcast (search in iTunes if you aren't - its ACE!) then you should already have it downloading automatically by now.

If you want to download the iPod friendly version you can use this link:

And I've done a higher res one for people with stuff like an Apple TV or if you want to stream it to your xbox 360, PS3 or whatever - link for that is:

Its up on Youtube and myspace already, and Vimeo (looks best on there).

Anyway hope you like it...

I bought a spiffing new video camera last week in preparation for last weekend's big gigs, Stuttgart on Friday and the huge Pirate Station in Russia on Saturday - and actually watched all the Final Cut Studio Tutorial videos on my iPhone on the flights - so things should get a lot more professional-looking soon... And hopefully the workflow will be faster too - have been on a great studio roll lately so don't want this stuff to get in the way!

Monday, February 02, 2009

The RoboSnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Robo SnowWoman

Pirate Station 7 in St. Petersburg.

One word. HEAVY.

Will post the video etc later on, just wanted to check in and show you the first iphone photos I managed to take...

I haven't been told official figures, but it was big. Guessing 15,000+ in there.

If any of my Russian fans are reading this and have links to photo galleries please let me know in the comments or email me thanks!

John B Iphone pics

John B Iphone pics

John B Iphone pics

John B Iphone pics

Blinding lights in my eyesssss!
John B Iphone pics