Thursday, September 25, 2008

The End of the mighty DAT mountain!!

This lot took a LONG time....

Think I managed to extract almost 200 unreleased remixes, different versions, things that have previously only been on vinyl, or white labels, and stuff I never got round to releasing from these DATs (the tapes you used to use to record finished tracks onto in the studio before CDRs & super-powerful computers...). Have gone through and remastered most of them too and sorted out for digital release and the best ones to get included on some new compilations, greatest hits type stuff... Exciting...

And now I can give the DAT machine back to Martin's dad, after over a year! Got some apologising to do! ;-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why I hate PCs

I need some help... :-(

Brand New John B Message Board...

The mighty Trickartt has put the finishing touches to the theme design for the new John B Electrostep RoboPunk Drum&Bass Message Board this afternoon - so I'm going to let you guys in on it before anyone else. :-)

If you want to hop on over there and try it out, and join in on the discussions (and fill us in if you spot any technical problems we haven't spotted yet) then take a look at and register and get involved! Hopefully it will develop into a cool hub to keep up to date on things and network with my other fans/followers...

Rock on!



John B @ Bassment @ Mango, Reading Gig Cancelled on October 8

Thought I'd post this up here so you spot it if you were planning to come, I know a few of you have been emailing my agent and stuff asking about details for the show...

Unfortunately the Bassment guys had to cancel this particular event due to venue difficulties - but I will be playing there at a future event in February. They ARE still using the venue, got a BIG event with Shy FX coming up too so everything's cool otherwise...

"It would have been impossible to put the event on as a free entry night which is what we wanted it to be... Bassment is not about ripping people off and just wants to get good music out to as many people as possible". 

Just thought I'd let you know as soon as I knew in case you were planning a huge trip down from Australia or something... ;-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Oh, and a big YARRRRRRR for the International talk like a pirate day yesterday.... 

Hope the jokes on the mic last night weren't too much...

Quick hello from Dallas


(Me riding a mechanical bull here in Dallas back in 2003)

Got a few spare moments here at Dallas airport waiting for my flight to LA so thought I'd check in with you guys! Had a fabulous gig last night here at the Lizard Lounge - so thanks to everyone that came out... 

Was a loooonnnng day yesterday - I flew straight out of London direct to Dallas - about a 10 hour flight, we got delayed because they couldn't close the cargo door, and then when we got to Dallas had to wait 2 hours for the bags to come out because it was jammed shut! Haha! I bet the Dallas maintenance crew were cursing the Heathrow dudes... Met some nice brits while I was waiting at belt 5 anyway so no harm done really - just ate into my disco nap time a bit...

You can see the post-gig discussions over on the forums at and hopefully some decent photos in the coming days - I spotted a couple of dudes with big cameras around about the place so they should surface eventually.  Big shouts to Big John over there for taking care of me (although I need to teach him what constitutes good wine...) hehe and Jeremy and the guys on before me - I didn't really have time to chat so feel a bit bad about that - those guys brought me out to Dallas a fair few times in the past... Was also great to finally meet Mark Subsonik -  definitely a producer to look out for - I really love the trancey DnB stuff he's doing and I've been trying to persuade him to do something for Beta... So watch this space...

Oh and bollox to iTunes video selection. I've been MEGA getting into a show called 'the wire' - watched about 6 episodes on my iphone back to back on the way over here, but realised I missed a few episodes of season 3 when I was copying them the day before I flew out... For some reason iTunes UK store only has season 1 and 5 available - but the USA store has all of them and it won't let me get em. Lame... If anyone out there has season 3, episodes 2, 4 and 6 and can rapidshare them to me today I'd love you forever... (I have the DVD at home so its not naughty...)

Anywayyy. Off to LA now, playing some big rave there tonight which should be interesting... My old Uni mates from Durham are in town too so I'm hoping we can link...

Lots of love till later...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nice Review of my remix of Glamour For Better at

Just spotted this while bumbling through their site - didn't spot it in the print version though, so hope I didn't miss it. If anyone has a copy and can scan it for me that would be lovely...

"Glamour For Better - Architects Of Discotech (John B Remix) (Ear Candy)

John B is truly one of the most multi-talented producers on the planet, having adeptly spanned every style in dnb with his own special penchant for '80s electro-inspired pieces. Re-hashing duties here are fulfilled with a rave-inspired bumpy choco-latte slider that lasts from start to finish. And successfully going against the grain (as always), expect sanguine chanted lyrics, rising sunrise chords and the sort of riffs that make you feel at peace with yourself. (4/5)"


You can buy it on vinyl here:

Or just do a search on iTunes,, - or your favourite mp3 internet shoppe... It WILL be there! ;-)

Photos from Donetsk


Photos from my gig in Donetsk on Saturday are now up on my flickr page, myspace & facebook.

I nabbed them from so thanks guys! Hopefully more will pop up soon...


PS And yes, Geordie Laforge called and he wants my sunglasses back.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back from Holidays!

In case you were wondering why the blog was quiet for the last week or so, it was because I was away getting a mega-tan in Greece. 

Back on the case now though - played Donetsk in Ukraine on Saturday night (photos coming tomorrow) and getting things done in the studio as we speak. Off to Dallas and LA this weekend - very excited about that!