Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Podcast 94, "Cooking with John B" & New Remixes

Greetings all, just a note to let you know about a few things...

Episode 94 of my podcast went up a few days ago and is free to download at www.johnbpodcast.com and on iTunes at http://www.itunes.com/podcast?id=334105892 - this time its a studio mix, clocking in at 1hr45mins - loads of new stuff I'm into at the moment, so yeah - check it out!

Secondly, those of you that follow me on twitter (@johnbbeta) may have seen all my random pictures of dinners lately - I've been trying to learn more interesting things in the kitchen, bit of a new hobby really, something outside of music & a good way to unwind after the airports/studio and all that. So I set up a quick tumblr blog to collect everything related to that at www.cookingwithjohnb.co.uk - just a bit of fun really, but worth a look.

Just finishing off collating all the recent remixes from my latest album 'Light Speed' (www.john-b.com/lightspeed) and setting release dates for the next singles, lots of great remixes coming from guys like Ost & Meyer, Craig Connelly, LX one, Terravita, L Plus, Seba, Illskillz, Bobby Tank, Metrik, Nu:Tone, Logistics and more. The next single from me will be Light Speed, followed by The Journey, Love Again, and Connected, all with lots of great new remixes. More info to come!

Finally - here's a really nice video I just found with footage from my gig in Yekaterinburg in Russia a few weeks ago. I was playing different music, think they dubbed some other stuff over, but if you listen to my podcast and my new album then you know more what I'm into at the moment!