Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love Miami!

Just got back from a lovely afternoon by the Hotel Victor pool, chilling on a squishy chair, drinking Ciroc Vodka cocktails with Hayley, listening to the Felix da Housecat & Junior Sanchez absolutely killling it, and Mr P Diddy lording it over the whole affair. I knew it was going to be a great day!

Been out for a 4 mile run along the boardwalk past all the other pool parties too, catching bits of Pete Tong, and Annie Mac's shows, off for sushi in a sec then the big party at Cameo tonight.


Friday, March 27, 2009


Funny moment yesterday going into the IDMAs - shambolic squash to get in - even for nominees... Was chatting to some guys I knew from LA, with a few ppl I didn't recognise in the group. One of which I later found out was Deadmau5 - who I obviously didn't recognise without the big mouse-head hat thing. Politely asked him how he was doing, and if he was up for any awards, and if he thought he was in with a chance.... hahaha. DOH! He wiggled through a bit ahead of me and actually shouted "DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM" to the security guys, and it worked haha!

IDMAs at the beginnning was a hilarious shambles, but fun to be there - will have to give you a full rundown when I have a spare minute after WMC - but all sorts of mess ups running the Video clips, showing the winning video before the nominees mentioned, and just general hecticness. Highlight I think was seeing the whip play live, and I loved the crazy spanish lady co-hosting it.

Off to a pool party this afternoon then to rokbar to see jnr sanchez etc, then cameo for the felix da housecat/pdiddy party. SHould be a great day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Miami so far...

I'm updating my twitter like a madman at the moment so if you want up to the minute info on whats going on follow me at

Having a great time so far. Gotta get ready to do to the IDMAs in a sec, then world of drum & bass, then technosluts, then the international gigolo party all nighter. If I survive the night I'll fill you in on the carnage tomorrow!

Monday night was chill, just had drinks at the lovely Delano hotel bar with Bailey & his girlfriend Hannah, Ceuzen from itunes and her friend Maya, my mate Casey and a few other people in and out.

Tuesday had sushi then met up with the same crew, and Shy FX, B-traits and my mate Ingmar, a Lufthansa pilot at Sushi Samba - then rolled in hardcore with a John B +7 on the guest list to Mansion (courtesy of LA Riots) and checked out Bloody Beetroots (smashed it but a bit too sidechainy and samey after an hour for me) and a bit of Benni Bennassi. Bumped into Annie Mac with Erol Alkan too, and numerous others. The bottle service randomness of that place is an issue I'll go into another time though...

Yesterday was great too, went to the DJ Mag pool party at the Shelbourne and hung out with Gareth Emery & his gang, and chatted to Allen from DJ mag and Claudia from Perfecto. Then I took off all my clothes apart from my pink speedos and did a sexy dance by the pool and jumped in. With my goggles. SexyROboNerdy oh yes. Had to leave too early to hear Dubfire but I'm determined to catch him somewhere. David Guetta was just plain cheesy, not my type of house at all. Lawler was chunky. Gui Borrato was MIGHTY. Loved his set. Grabbed sushi after that, for the 3rd time in 4 days at the same place - then went to a private party at Josh Gabriel's Villa with the prog/trance illuminati - really lovely evening, they stopped the DJing for a sec so one of his vocalists could do a little acoustic set - good stuff. Bumped into Daniel from LA Riots there who seemed all suprised we were there "I thought this was a VIP party". LOLZ. Then met up with my friend Frances from NYC, and Casey again at Lost weekend, the grimey pool hall/dive bar, & went to the white room for Shy Fx & Crazes party. Bumped into so many people in there we knew ended up staying till about 4 and then had to come home and pass out - real shame cos we were on the list for Dubfire's Sci Tek party at Space. Anyway I'm rambling....

More later...

Monday, March 16, 2009

The countdown to Miami...

Hi folks - thought it was about time I actually wrote something personal here, sorry the last few posts have all been a bit official-looking - I promise I posted them personally, even though they're just gig photos etc...

So I'm trucking on over here, I leave for America on Thursday, a few gigs over there before I hit Miami for the WMC - been sifting through a gazillion demos and promos over here, and currently about 1/4 way through a huge session on beatport looking for some nice 4/4 stuff to update my ipod and prepare for any mysterious secret non-dnb sets I might end up doing.

Had a good weekend, 2 UK gigs for a change - alas Brighton on Friday was really quiet, the promoters had too much competition from the Bloc Weekender festival, and a big free party at the Concord 2 just down the road, but I took them down the pub afterwards (and saw some crazy shinanikins and bouncer bust ups in there into the bargain...). Leicester on Saturday was much better, a big Formation records party at the University Students' Union, I was on inbetween Original Sin, and Grooverider, who were both playing pretty serious jump-up bizniz, but the crowd were really cool and open-minded and responded well to my stuff - I stuck to my usual and hit them with all the new stuff, a lot of progressive and minimal inspired DnB and they seemed to love it. So yeah - big up the student masssive! Hehe!

Ok, back to this techno-sifting. So far I've bought a huge pile of Ghetto Tek tracks with titles like "on your knees, bitch" and "make that ass clap" etc. High brow stuff but just cracks me up so much I have to have it ;-)

Will be having a date with some Grand Cru Sancerre and Call of Duty 5 tonight for sure... (Join me on xbox live 'johnbbeta' if you want to get pwnt!)

Rock on ;-)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

HD Video: John B @ Pirate Station St. Petersburg 31.01.09

720p HD Tour video of John B's biggest gig ever to 25,000+ ravers at the SKK arena in St. Petersburg for the Pirate Station 'Immortal' Event.

Loads of live footage from his set in the main arena, then the VIP Deluxe arena for his 2nd set. Crazy performances from acrobats and performance artists & sexydancers on-stage. And some bonus footage from the artists' area backstage, and pretty scary video of stilt walkers falling over! (We hope they're ok!)

Much love to all the Russian fans, all the organisers & crew that made the event as amazing and memorable as it was!

To be followed by another video of all the random backstage drunken banter ;-)

Available in Super-Mega HD on vimeo & youtube.

If you want to download the video file for iphone & ipod click here.

If you want to download the BIG 720p video file compatible with most players click here.

You can also download the special John B Pirate Station Podcast if you click here.

AND you can see all the photos from the event if you click here.

HD Video: Backstage @ Pirate Station, St. Petersburg 31.01.09

To watch the video in High Definition on YouTube click here

Randon drunken backstage banter at Pirate Station in St. Petersburg. John B with the camera chatting and rambling with El Hornet of Pendulum, Noisia, Chase & Status, Subfocus. And a piano. No DJs were harmed during the making of this film...

To download this video file for ipod & iphone click here.

To download this video file for apple TV/PS3 etc in full 720p click here.

John B Podcast 063: Live @ Pirate Station Moscow 2009

More info over at

Live recording from John B's performance at this year's Pirate Station Event in Moscow. All the photos and John B's official blog can be seen if you click here.




1. John B - The Journey
2. Bloc Party - Trojan Horse (John B Remix)
3. John B - Light Speed
4. John B - Dancing in the Dark
5. John B vs BC vs Ed & Opt vs Concord Dawn vs Miss Kittin - Nine Alien Kittin Bees
6. Fresh - Offworld
7. John B - When the Time Comes
8. Top Secret - Deadmau5 Remix
9. Kubrak - Fast Forward
10. John B - Russian Girls
11. Camo & Krooked - Mindset
12. John B feat. Shaz Sparks - Red Sky
13. John B - Numbers
14. John B feat. Shaz Sparks - Heroes


Photos: John B @ Agava Club, Ufa 22.02.09

Another impersonal post originally from ;-)

Thanks to the organizers and everyone at the party that sent us their photos from the gig!

You can view the whole gallery on John B's flickr page if you click here

They are also available on John B's myspace page, and facebook page.

John B "Pirate Station 7" Mix CD [Limited Edition]

OK so this is a bit non-personal blog bizniz - but thought I'd give you guys the first heads-up on it... Info below posted at

We have a very limited quantity of these CDs - a promotional special CD John B compiled and mixed for the Radio Record Pirate Station Immortal Party in St. Petersburg in January 2009.

Click here to buy the CD at the Beta Recordings Webstore. (Shipping Worldwide).

John B - Pirate Station 2009 CD Mix
Compiled & Mixed by John B

1. John B feat. Shaz Sparks - Red Sky

2. John B - Dancing In The Dark

3. John B - When The Time Comes (ReEdit)

4. Klement - Sirene

5. C4C - Synergy (Black Sun Empire Remix)

6. Receptor - Kurchatov

7. Seba - Blaze & Fade Out

8. Spor - Some Other Funk

9. Nero - Bump

10. Camo & Krooked - Global Warming

11. Billain - Intrusion

12. John B - Russian Bride

13. Klement - Check the This Is

14. John B - Mr. Freud

15. John B - Numbers

16. John B - The Journey (v1.0)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Photos: Pirate Station Moscow 21.02.09

Think I've just about managed to round up all the photos that could be found in the internet from this event ;-)

Last Saturday I played in Moscow, for the Pirate Station guys again, HUGE party in a big Expo Hall in the middle of Moscow. Someone told me it was the biggest Expo complex in Europe. I believe them! Hungary was the day before, and I went straight form the gig to the airport in Budapest, didn't get to sleep till about 3pm when I made it to the hotel in Moscow. Woke up to the surreal rumble of the sound system warming up (hotel was in the same complex) and the first of many super-theatrical intros they do, really got me tingling! I'd watched Hellboy 2 earlier in the week, with the 'Golden Army' and man, it sounded like there were a gazillion golden army robo-goblins waking up and crashing about. Too much for my jetlagged & frazzled brain! Heheh!

So yeah, an amazing gig, I got to the stage nice and early so I could hang out with the other DJs and hear what was being played, and just take in the vibes - really good time. So yeah, thanks to all the organizers & to all my Russian fans that stayed right till the end to see me play at 5am! It really was special ;-)

You'll already know this if you are a subscriber to my fabulous podcast (!) but they broadcast my set live, and I managed to get a recording and its now available FREE as a lovely podcast! CLICK HERE for more info.

Oh, and add me on here!! ;-)

All the photos I found (and was thankfully sent by you guys out there) can be seen in galleries on my flickr, facebook & myspace pages. Enjoy!