Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photos from Miami and other delights...

Well, looks like I left it 2 months since my last blog. Shameful. I'm sorry internets. As I said before, I guess I do more mini-blogging with stuff like twitter, and whenever I get hold of photo sets from my gigs they get posted straight away to my facebook pages, myspace and flickr - but you guys probably already know that, and if you don't, and need more John B stalking bizniz in your life - then there are lots of ways to go about it... Just no stalking in the real world please - that would be a bit creepy.

Been a busy couple of months as usual - most recently I can let you know that the latest episode of my podcast is up now click here to go download it and generally I've spent most of my time recently on aeroplanes to gigs, or at gigs, or in hotels - playing a little bit of Call of Duty inbetween. Oh, and hunting mice in my garage.

Had a good night on Monday in London - my friend Mark Moore hooked it up to show a couple of really rare music documentaries in a cool old pub in East London, one called "Punk & the Pistols" which, as the name suggests was about the birth of Punk and the British scene, and a lot about the sex pistols etc - the director came down and gave a talk before we watched it too. Inspiring indeed. After that they showed another one, about the New Romantic movement this time, called "Poseurs"- reminded me I have a long way to go in terms of interesting fashion. Must try harder Mr. B. Also discovered a few 80s bands I've somehow overlooked during the process so good all round really...

Realised I had a few gaps in my Punk CD collection too, so plugged in a few with today's amazon delivery!

Had a few good gigs last week, although I ended up at Heathrow Airport 4 days running! Played Vienna on Wednesday, then Electro/Techno gigs in Ulm and Friedrichshafen in Germany on Fridady and Saturday. All of them seriously good, mega hot rammed rave-ups indeed. We recorded my set in Ulm so I'm in the process of getting hold of the recording and will publish it as a podcast as soon as possible!

I also have recordings from my guest appearance on Bailey's show on BBC 1Xtra a couple of weeks back ready to go soon, so those should make for some nice bonus podcast episodes too!

Ok, I need to go get on with stuff - will post lots more photos later - meanwhile here's one from Miami - taken at the beatport pool party after I'd been uncharacteristically up all night after P DIDDYS MANSION POOL AFTERPARTY.

Beatport Pool Party @ The Gransevoort on Sunday, had not slept at all, been at the P Diddy Mansion VIP party thing alllllll night! had a shower back at the hotel and a coffee and went straight out again!

Ah, and here's my mousecatcher girlfriend Hayley.


****EDIT***** Just realised I promised more pictures from Miami (back in March for the WMC)- here we go...

Hayley & Ingrid on the beach:
Miami 2010

My cousin Greg and his mate Stu at the best sushi spot in Miami: SUSHI ROCK!
My cousin Greg & his mate Stu,

I SMELL DOUSCHE! Sometimes the parties in Miami aren't chock full of Babes in Bikinis... :-(

The obligatory John B socktan photo:
MIami, Beach binziz

World of Drum & Bass:
WODNB in Miami

With my friends Ingmar & Casey at the Dip In! Pool party
Dip In Trance Party at the National.