Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick Hi from Miami

Gotta get ready to go play the big rave that is ULTRA in a minute so I'll make this quick... WMC been pretty good so far, played ViRam last night - my set went down mighty stylee, thanks to everyone that came and checked it out. I got a whole 2 drink tickets from the promoters, which only bought Hineken. Quality VIP stylee right? 

Been to some cool pool parties the last few days, chatted with Zinc, Fresh, Justice (in French, briefly), Digitalism, A-track, Craze, Chromeo etc etc. Managed to avoid hardcore Drum&Bass with 10MCs parties so far, and got a decent layer of sunburn going on too! Oh, and Jogged every day, and not got that drunk! That is no mean feat for Miami! 

Got lots of free Swag from Armani, and a gazillion demo Cds. OH AND THE CUBAN COFFEE YESYES. HOW I MISSED YOU.

I'm waiting for it to rain so I can do a proper debriefing on here, so until then...


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This WMC

I will mostly be wearing Short Shorts.

Ah the mighty Sushi of Miami!

Got into Miami on Sunday - and hit my my ultimate favourite sushi spot immediately - SUSHI ROCK. MMMmmmm. This is their 'Dragon Roll'. Killer. Tempura Shrimp with avocado and all sorts. John B recommends...

Scarey Man-thong on the beach in Miami...

As seen on the beach today...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bird vs. Lufthansa Regional Jet

The Jet won...

Got home a bit late today, our plane hit a bird on takeoff from Stuttgart and had to abort the takeoff at the last minute. There was squashed bird guts all over the front of the plane so a nice German man in a facemask had to come and clean it off and we had to all get off the plane while they checked to see if its beak was stuck in the engine...

German efficiency prevailed though, even though we got off the plane, bussed it back to the terminal, then reboarded and bussed it back to the plane again i think i was only about an hour and a half late. Big up Lufthansa. I got a few photos on my iPhone, but none of the bird guts - will upload in the morning - I'm whackkked - only 2 hrs sleep on Friday, and only 4 last night, complete with a hardcore night terror paralysis nightmare thing! Quality!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

oh Vienna!

ok so I'm officially a geek. Posting this from my iPhone in the BA lounge at Vienna airport on free wi-fi. Nice

I'm also absolutely shattered! Had a rockkin gig at CCX in Nove Zamkey in Slovakia last night but had to be up at 645 to get back to the airport. I'm about to fly back to Heathrow, change terminals, wait, then fly to Stuttgart then drive to Ulm for my 4/4 set tonight. I'm on 2.5 hrs sleep...

Also to twist the knife I found out I could have just flown straight there from Vienna at 5pm. Not fair! Again...

Hope you liked the new podcasts I put up on Thursday and I just spotted that the 2nd part of the live mix was linking to the wrong file! Oops! Its fixed now so u can grab it!

Ok I'm off to get on a plane. Pray for no screaming kids behind me! John B must zzz

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ghost mouse...

Just been up in the loft to grab a few things, and moved my big suitcase, the one I only use for long tours - gona need it for the USA one next week... 

Anyway, looks like either the deceased mouse from the moustrap had tried to get in and have a home, or a new one did some nibbling... I'll investigate fully on Monday and let you know if he's back, or it was a parting nibbly gift... May have to eBay a new mighty arsenal of mousetraps for up there. 


New Redux Mix Just Posted

I've been hard at work podcasting this week...

Just posted up the new Redux ElectroTechno show on my podcast page, and if you're already subscribed to my podcast in iTunes it should be happily downloading right now!

In case you don't know, I do 2 types of podcasts, my normal DnB ones, studio mixes or sets recorded live when I'm at gigs, and then also I do this Redux thing - a guest slot on the Redux show for XM Satellite radio in America where I play the other stuff I love, Electrohouse, Techno, Minimal, whatever - basically 4/4 tracks that are fabulous and electroey... It's DJ Simon's brainchild and there's a bunch of us DJs rotating guest slots, like Larry Tee, Tommie Sunshine, DJ:Unknown etc etc.

Anyway, heres the link to the file if you want it and the tracklisting (yes I actually did one for once!) Please forgive me for the amount of Kiko tracks in there - I guess I just got a bit carried away!


1. Dis Moi - Club Duluxe
2. Ace Spectrum - Kiko
3. Ginger Up - Lethargy
4. 102 - Kiko
5. Grace - Miss Kittin
6. Emonimal - Wehbba
7. Faces of Life - Kiko
8. Elektrotrans - Jor - El
9. Solar - Kiko
10. Galaxia - Kiko
11.Weasel groove - Lutzenkirchen & Blende
12. Time - Chewy Chocolate Cookies
13. Bodycrash - Buy Now

Monday, March 10, 2008

Pirate Party!

My mate Brian, the promoter from NY just send over the flyer for my gig there in a couple of weeks... PIRATE THEMED PAAAAAAAARTY. In RochestAAARRRRRRR.

Too many MCs upset the B

With the Mighty DJ Hype in the minibus

First off I ought to say sorry to anyone that turned up to the London gig on Friday night - when I got there about 230am they'd shut the night down so I just got paid and left. It was a last-minute kind of event and I don't think they really had time to promote it prope
rly, but I'm sure the next one will be cool - I really like that venue, and didn't realise its where they do the Slimelight. Definitely gona go there to get my goth on at some point...

Germany on Saturday was great, flew to Hamburg and was then driven to Bremen for the gig, had a good chat to all the other DJs and had some traumatic moments in restaurants... First one was being the translator for all 7 of the other dudes and interpreting between menu/dj/mc/waiter. Then at the airport on the way home Hype nearly choked to death on a peice of bruschetta, and then the other guys eating with me sent back all their food for various random reasons. Worked out Ok in the end, but a bit embarrassing at the time...

Bremen Ravers

The gig in Bremen was great, I've played at that venue a few times before - its always rammed and the crowd is well up for it. My set went really well, but I had to put up with 2 or 3 MCs for most of it, I don't think anyone took a breath for like the first 30 mins! Normally I just tell the promoter no MCs and get the mic for myself just to say 'Hi' to the crowd every now and hype them up in my own way, (in Drunky German usually...) but when its a big sweaty rave with a bunch of Uk guys flown in and wandering round the stage there's not a lot I can do, especially if the mics are going into a separate soundman mixer. So yeah, had to just lap it up really - apologies if you couldn't hear the music as well as usual! ;-) (I'm not having a go at MCing in general by the way - I realise it requires skill, and has an essential place in the DnB scene - I just prefer to have very little or none on my sets, my music just isnt suited to traditional DnB MCing for the most part...)

More photos from the gig in Bremen here & here...

Ok, rant over!

Oh, and good news for those of you that grab my podcasts, I'll have some new ones very soon. I managed to get hold of the master copy of my set from the Apokalypsa party in Czech Republic 2 weeks ago. Initially I spazzed out - they'd recorded it without my knowledge, and then whackked it up all over the internet, again without telling me, which is a big no-no and Dj bookings contracts always stipulate its not allowed - but the big deal was how ILLLLL I was that day (the photos earlier in the blog should demonstrate) - so I was worried my set would have been totally poo - but in fact, its ace! So yeah, I'll be putting jingles over stuff to disguise all the new unreleased stuff and should have it up tomorrow. I'm doing a couple more of the 'Redux' electrotechno sets too for the XM Radio show so will podcast them for you also. Got loads of great new tracks for the gig that didn't happen on Friday and the gig coming up in Ulm, Germany on Saturday...

Ok, Tescos delivery here, gotta go - talk soon folks...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Gigs this weekend

Hi there folks... Quick info on the gigs coming this weekend - I'll be in London tonight, at a cool new electro party at Electrowerkz, playing Electrotechno (not dnb) from 315-430am in the main room. Got loads of wikkid new tunes to drop so really looking forward to it!

On Saturday I'm in Germany, at the Dreamland party at the Aladin & Tivoli complex in Bremen... See you there!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

As seen at my gig in Newcastle...

Isn't ONE John B enough for the world?


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Video for Mr. Freud!

My mate Falcotronik just sent me this cool video he's done for the new single "Mr. Freud". Huzzah! Nice work!

Looks like the new single is doing well too - Red Sky is Number one at and number 2 on beatport, and - with Mr. Freud climbing too, currently at number 7. Thanks for the support!

Remember you can get ALL of my tracks on mp3 at too.

Monday, March 03, 2008

So THIS is why my flights were cancelled...

Looks like it was the high winds over the last few days that have been causing cancellations at airports all over Europe... Just found this video of a plane coming in to land in Hamburg, with hardcore cross-winds almost ending up with it crashing. They have to give pilots more time inbetween approaches when the winds are so strong and going across the runway, so that just ends up with quite a few being cancelled and loads of others delayed... I guess I'm glad I got the train home instead...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Trip to Grandma Bee's and crappy flight cancellationz...

Just a quick update here, have to go over for Mother's Day bizniz in a sec. Had a LONG day yesterday trying to get home from Newcastle, I'll do a full on write up later, but to be honest I'm tired of explaining it to people! To cut a long story short, my flight to Amsterdam en route to Trondheim in Norway was cancelled, and the next flight to Dam too, AND Hayeley's flight back down from Newcastle to Heathrow was cancelled too, so I had to get a train back down from Newcastle, get across London and then back to Maidenhead - bit of a mission too, and sad, knowing I'd be disappointing the fans in Norway that were expecting me - hopefully I can get up there quickly to make up for it...

Other than the trvel nightmares the weekend has been OK. I flew up to Newcastle with Hayley on Thursday, a day before the gig, and we got a hire car and went to visit my Grandma in Blyth. We didn't really have enough time up there, but managed to go and visit St. Mary's lighthouse (above) and then Blyth Beach the day after. All the relatives came over on Thursday and poor Grandma was run off her feet making sure we all had great piles of food and wine! Such a Legend is Gran B. Respect!

Had an amuzing situation in the hotel the following day (the Menzies on Silverlink in Newcastle FYI) - basically, they just hadn't cleaned the toilet and there was a HUGE shit-stain in it. I mentioned it to the manager dude, who was probably only about 20, on our way out to go eat and nothing had been done 2 hours later when we came back. Admittedly I'd joked with him that I didn't want to get the cleaner in trouble, or make her angry at us for complaining and thus seeking revenge with out toothbrushes etc - so he decided that meant we didn't want anything done. But man - if I'd been the manager, I'd have had it sorted as soon as he saw us out the front door. Hardcore. That was a BIG poo stain too. A saved up, eaten a lot of veggies kind of stain. Anyway....

The gig was ACE! I mean ACE! It was for Turbulence at a venue called digital and was totally rammed by the time I got on. Ed Rush was also on the bill but didn't make it cos his flight from LHR had been cancelled (which was the plane that would have taken Hayley back in the morning) so I got to play much longer, did more than 2 hours in the end, which was so cool - finally getting to play a decent length set, at a headline time, to a rammed club in the UK, and not have to submit to lame clownsteppery and a gagillion MCs - was really a treat to be able to properly expose the crowd to my sound in an ideal situation like that with a decent system and everything sorted out. They better get me back!

Saw a couple mega John B fans in the front, total man-make-up and John B style outfits - girlfriends in face-paint - all sorts! Didn't get any photos which is a shame. Quality though! My cousin Greg came up from Blyth too with his mates and there was also a gang from Durham who we'd met when I played there in November. They better get me back soon too! ;-)

Some photos are up at so have a look - I think I actually look healthy in these ones...

Blyth Beach. Possibly the coldest and windiest place on Planet Earth. But still one of my favourite places ;-)

Grandma B making her legendary chips!

Grandma's front room: