Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick blog from Bangkok airport

Hello. I have just been sitting in the same chair for about 11 hours. I'm just over halfway to Australia. Bangkok airport is nice from what I can tell, better air conditioning than Heathrow T3, and strangely round toilets. Very round. There's a dim sum machine here in the Thai Airlines lounge which looks pretty cool - they keep coming and filling it up with little white packety things. Will probably try on the way back the other way when its safer...

Some old guy totally stared at me as he walked past a minute ago, like in a totally rude way - the kind of way you teach your kids not to. I look pretty normal today so I dunno what that's all about. Oh and the guy next to me was on his laptop but was mega snooping on what I was doing on mine. Or maybe it was Apple envy. I was just doing very boring stuff - very slowly, since teh internetz are v slow here. Someone's probably downloading mad tranny porn in the corner or something. I can see a few suspicious looking folk around. And some very loud Italian dudes. But I don't mind cos Italian sounds so cool.

So I passed the last 11 hours in a few ways, trying to get through 'the 80 minute MBA' which so far hasn't blown me away. Watched Ed Wood on the in flight Tv thing - which I rather liked, but dragged on a bit too long. Now I know who Bella Legosi was though. Getting through season 2 of 'the unit' too - but its starting to lose me - might give up on it - can't face another 3 seasons tbh - Shawn Ryan was at his best with 'the shield' imo. MACKKKKEYYYYY. Also been watching last year's Newswipe and Have I got news for you. The guy next to me must have been pretty confused about me, looking all non businessman-like but reading an MBA book and watching current-affairs news satire TV programmes. Maybe that's why people are spying on me now.

Anwayyyyy, time for me to go get ready for another 10 hours on a plane before I get to Melbourne and sleep. I usually have the most random dreams when I fly to Australia, so I'll try to remember what happens in the ones tonight, post them here, and then you lot can get all psychoanalytical on me.

thai air to bkk

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing a new way of posting and stuff...

Ok so I know I owe you a better post seeing as it's been a while but
this is all in aid of that. Am testing out if I can email a post in
and have it published automatically - so I can do this Shiz from my
phone... It's 245am and I have to be up at 9 to go to Oz. Hurrah.
Quite looking forward to some chill time on the plane actually - lots
of Reading to catch up on. Anyway - hope this works - see u guys
soooon on teh internetz.