Tuesday, December 30, 2008

LIttle Christmas gift for you....

So - I popped in to my mate DJ Linus & Smuntee's Pirate Radio show on 87.5FM - 'UKSFinest' on Sunday afternoon, still totally mashed up from the trip up to Manchester and back the night before... Did a guest mix and then just generally pratted about taking calls & texts on the mighty TEXTUSINONTHENOKIABIZNIZ cellphone. Totally clanged the guest mix and talked a load of rubbish in a very hot, sweaty, smokey studio but all in a fabulous Christmas spirit of joy and junglistness... They recorded it. You can now re-live the pain by listening to the mp3 below...


I've got a whole bunch of new live recordings from recent gigs to put up for you all soon too - am just stressing out trying to get my year-end accounts off at the moment, so all that has to take a back-seat till I'm done!

Oh, and if you're not already following me on Twitter - time to join up now - I'm gradually using it more now, just for mini-microblog thingies. CLICK HERE FOR JOHN B ON TWITTER. My mate Cooper was over the other day and reminded me to get on it more... So I Shall.

Oh, check out my .mac photo gallery too - new pics pop up there all the time too...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick voting request...

Sorry to ask this of you again, so soon after the DJ mag vote - but I need your help again...

This time it's the Annual IDMA awards in Miami, Dance music awards stuff. Dnb NEVER gets a look in at all, let alone little ol me...


Thats the link there to fill in the nominations - you only have a week before that's closed, so any nominations for me in as many categories as you like would be most excellent - hopefully we'll get enough nominations in one of the categories for it to stick, then we can get on it with the voting and maybe be in with a chance...


Boooyahhhh! Thanks!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Freiburg Photos now up

Taken from www.john-b.com



John smashed it last weekend for the 7 years Jungle Club party in Freiburg, in the Black Forest region of Germany, with MC Fava - also the promoter for the night. We've collected photos taken from the event and posted them up on John B's Flickr page, you can see the whole lot if you click here. Big thanks to the photographers!

We also have the audio from the night all recorded, a 3 HOUR SET!! Keep an eye on the John B Podcast page for the whole thing as a free mp3 download in a few days!

28.11.08 7 Jahre Jungle Club mit John B. @ Palladium 001

28.11.08 7 Jahre Jungle Club mit John B. @ Palladium 021

28.11.08 7 Jahre Jungle Club mit John B. @ Palladium 125

28.11.08 7 Jahre Jungle Club mit John B. @ Palladium 087

28.11.08 7 Jahre Jungle Club mit John B. @ Palladium 109

Ho Ho Ho

I sit here a bit fuzzy after mistakenly drinking 3 quadspresso coffees this morning - so I'm a cross between tired and high!

Been listening to Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder all morning, managed to pick up a bunch of CDs recently and have been assimilating them all into iTunes. Very Christmassy.

Decided I'd take photos next to Christmas trees on my travels last weekend - the one above was in the hotel in Freiburg. 2 weeks ago. There's lots of photos from my iPhone up on my .mac web gallery now, uploaded them all this morning too.

Didn't mention last weekend in Germany on the blog yet, but you'll be seeing the pics soon enough, and we managed to record my mighty 3 hour set in Freiburg ok, I have the files, so just need to chop them together and get it all nice and loud, then the podcast will spurt the mix out for you lot - so keep a look out! Was a fun set, you can hear me and the MC getting progressively drunker in the last hour, and the last 30 mins is just random encore chaos! Haha!

Oh, and shouts to the Landau guys - SEND ME THE PHOTOS!!!

This weekend just gone I was over on another Rusky mission, did Rostov on Friday (which they later told me has the highest concentration of gangsters, AND is also the most famous Russian city for serial killers & phsychopath types!! YIKES! - everyone I met was totally cool though!) and then Tver on Saturday. Both gigs were a great laugh, I managed to get enough sleep and avoid super snowdrifts so everything was pretty much clockwork and stress-free for a change... Had funtimes backstage in Tver before I went on - turned out the club owner collected videos recorded off TV of real OLD 80s italo pop/disco performances... While everyone outside was raving we had a little italo-disco party back there. I managed to copy off a few of his super-rare cds too so all good indeed!

Got a lot on this week, I have to record my mix CD for the Radio Records Pirate Station guys, do some radio jingles for them, then get on the case with the new Bloc Party Remix, and finish off my latest new track, AND get loads of my old computer equipment I've since upgraded from up on eBay! ARGGgggg. AND get my hair cut, and get new tracks sorted for next weekend's gigs, one of which is a hardcore anythinggoes electro4/4 & 80s set... AND go into London on Thursday to Hayleys English department Christmas party... John B + Middle English Professors smalltalk = WIN!