Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Find a Ukranian John B Twin Competition Entries!!

So the organisers for the Pirate Station Party in Ukraine decided it would be fun to run a competition to find the ultimate John B twin, Ukraine styleee! Bring on the LOLz!

CLICK HERE to see the photo gallery of all entries.

We went through all the photos today and have announced the winners... Thanks to everyone that entered! That's some seriously crazy S***t!!!! Rock on!

1st Place:

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

2nd Place:

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

3rd Place:

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition


Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

Ukrainian John B Competition

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ok so you're not going to be able to buy this for a while - I literally just finished it yesterday, but thought you might appreciate a little sneak-peak...

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Oh yes, almost finished the new track - got my vocoder flexing nicely this week, and wore my Giorgio Moroder shirt for extra italo good luck. Will post a clip up here later tonight for sneak-peak bizniz...

Had a fun night last night, stayed in till about 1030 but decided last minute to jet out to the amazing glory of Maidenhead town centre with Hayley and met up with Tash et al, and DAN! who's broken his hand. We made up lots of fake back stories as to how it got hurt. My favourite was the moray eel in the great barrier reef. I think some people actually believed us. Have decided they have nicer wine at Witherspoons (and younger kids) than Ivory Lounge, and a round of 4 drinks was only £11. SCORE. Phatz Bar was packed and really good fun too, the DJ upstairs was killing it - really good indie/alternative/electo-ish stuff, bit of Empire of the Sun oh yes - meant to go give him a nod of respect but then I spilled my wine. As always mr V downstairs was rockkin it - as soon as I say hello the D&B megamix comes on, love it! Always seems (pleasantly) bizzarre to end up skanking to mega old-school dnb on a Friday night in Maidenhead town centre. How times have changed... ;-)

Today is going to be an excellent day, started off with smoked salmon pate and a bit of snooker on TV, I will now mow the lawn and listen to birds singing in the garden, with my 2nd espresso of the day, then finish this track, and start a new one, then do some hardcore call of duty 5-ing on the xbox360 on the massive telly and get double XP points so I can finally become Sargent MaJor John Beee or whatever you are at level 67. Oh, and going for a killer 5 mile run in the sunshine with some monster new techno on the ipod. BOH.

OH yeh I also figured out how to do live video broadcasts using justin.tv yesterday, maybe will turn it on tonight when I get back in the studio. John B - taking self-stalking to a new level...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yes, I am here!!

Hahah! Hi guys - sorry for neglecting you! Its a good sign really, means I'm super busy with gigs, or trying to get some stuff done in the studio, which I'm sure you're happy about...

I had intended to do a big bloggy write up of our time in Miami for the WMC, but it really would just take ages, and now it turns out my fabulous girlfriend went and did her own one - so in the spirit of lazyness and letting the woman do all the work I'm gona copy it in here. If you want to see it on her myspace blog just go to myspace.com/hayleyquinn

As you will see I didn't learn from my experience with Deadmau5 and went on to chat to at length, yet not recognise James from SImian Mobile Disco, and the Arctic Monkeys (how, with THAT northern accent I didn't twig I'll never forgive myself for).


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mega post Miami name-drop-blog-a-thon

Just landed back in the UK this morning after 2 weeks of intense excitement and not very much relaxation. Had an amazing, crazy good time though. It's been such a blur though I barely feel like I've been time has traveled so fast. Going to do this on a day to day thing so that I can make sense of things and for my benefit too, to remember the good times.

Sunday 22nd: Arrived late in Miami but managed to drag myself out to the wholefoods supermarket as soon as I arrived to stock up for the fortnight. I'm a big eater so was determined to have great breakfasts/ lunches in the apartment for my stay, so much that we spent $400 dollars on fridge morsels before grabbing some sushi and trying to sleep. I had crazy jetlag though and was up through out the night wired and ready to party.

Monday 23rd: Sunbathed. At night we went to the Delano Hotel (i love it there for visually stunning posh hotel points) for several rounds of White Burgundy with Dj JOHN B, Dj BAILEY and Dj QZEN. See how i'm capitalizing this all for funs.

Tuesday 23rd: Sunbathed. Then bumped into Daniel from the LA RIOTS who put us on the list (a mighty plus 7... which i think is the most +'s ever) for Mansion... which especially rocked as it is a shitty bottle service club, and felt like we were readdressing the meritocracy. They still made us wait outside the club for 15 minutes though before we busted in to make it look busy though... Bloody Beetroots and Beni Benassi were playing too. Though generally I like cleaner techno/ house sounds was still fun. Had a good crew of JOHN B, BAILEY, SHY FX, QZEN and DJ B TRAITS as well many other fabulous ladies, including myself. I am the best plus one evers.

Wednesday 24th: Went to the DJ magazine top 100 pool party thanks to mr GARETH EMERY for hooking us up on the guest list for that one, and being just a thoroughly nice man! Love his podcast as well... I do all my best work to it. Met the lovely POPCOX too, a very lovely Arian!Great party though John and I were the only ones in the pool, by the evening I was happy to ditch the heels and glamor and celebrate life by jumping in. Later on we went to JOSH GABRIEL'S private villa party for some trance loving. It was gorgeous there... I don't know many people in that scene, but as my musical tastes grow I love trance more so getting to see Gabriel play to about 20 people and doing my crappy dancing to it was peachy. It was a last minute thing though so I was dressed ready to go to SHY FXs dub/dnb rave later that evening, so felt a little out of place in my rave gear... grimey even!

Thursday 25th: With three parties on that night we decided to sunbathe through the day for a relax. Then went to the nothing less than shambolic International Dance Music Awards. John was up for an award so we were hopeful it would be cool, but instead was comically lame. They had zero queuing system to get in, which was quite annoying to my british sensitivities, so all nominees/ press/ fans were in the most mega Q ever to get in. I complained for ages about this to the guy who was next to me in Q, who looked at me like I was from Mars... probably because he turned out to be DEADMAU5 (shit) who grew tired of me and pushed his way to the front with the immortal words 'don't you know who i am'... he is cool enough to pull that one off. Anyway soon figured out John hadn't won as there was no cocktail reception and out 'VIP' passes weren't full VIP enough to let us backstage. Noticed Josh Gabriel had the same troubles though so was in good company. The set up they had was gorgeous on a roof top pool though the VT kept fucking up so no nominees were announced and it just spat out the winners in a random order. Saw the whip play though who smashed it, and the drag (at least i hope im right here) co host also stole the show. After 2 hours though I was freezing in my flimsy dress so bailed out with BAILEY and his lovely gf Hannah (of the most awesome boobies) for some diner food. Later on went to world of drum and bass which was pretty good even early on.... though John's cdj broke mid set which is always a bit of a stress. We then went to a fetish party called TechnoSluts, full of lushicous goth gogo dancers (RUBBER DOLL performed) and EBM/ Techno/ BOOTy bass sounds thrown by the fabulous club kid/ performance artist WILDCHILD. Was loving jOhn's set however turned out he was playing in the wrong room so ended up havign beef with the DJ who was on next due to the stress.... unfortunately turned out to be DJ GODFATHER who is a legend! Then very nearly went to DJ Hell's party at the strip club but weren't allowed to keep DJ gear on us due to health and safety wank (could have probably fitted a skinny stripper in our bag) so had to call it a night.

FRIDAY: Through the ether found out about an exclusive pool party at the Hotel Victor held by JUNIOR SANCHEZ, FELIX DA HOUSECAT, and P DIDDY!! Luckily Felix is a lovely man and invited us along to heer some amazing music and drink (in my case) a very serious amount of Ciroc Vodka. There were cute girls wandering around encouraging us to lap up the free bar so as Felix dropped my favourite song of all time 'Rock the Casbah' I couldn't refuse. Think I'm probably in the back of one of P DIDDYs videos doing my drunken white girl version of the booty shake- nice. Also ddin;'t recognize EROL ALKAN when we spoke... shit again! That night went to see P DIDDY do a live PA at Cameo which was such a hot ticket, unfortunately though the Vodka had done something awful to my insides and I felt thoroughly ill the whole time. Managed to chat ARMIN VAN BUREN and CHROMEO (one of the guys was so sweet) though which was cool. Unfortunately it all fell apart when John spotted me chatting to ANNIE MAC and assumed that I was discussing my (by now) thoroughly upset stomach so made a comment about my bowels to her completely out of context. shit! My glamorous image lasted all of about 2 seconds there. And even worse ended up chatting to some dude at the bar for ages who claimed to be just another plus one (like me!)... in fact he was SIMIAN MOBILE DISCOS plus one and err a member of the ARTIC MONKEYS. shit! Nice humble guy though, respect!

Saturday: Went to the Remix Hotel Pool party to see DJ Hell among others. Unfortunately I was still ready to hurl at any given opportunity so whilst everyone else was raving I sat with a pint of water in the shade... still in the VIP area though so hanging on to my credibility! Quite a sorry sight really! Fully intended to go out to the metalheadz party that night too but ended up passing out (fully dressed) on top of the bed by midnight.

Sunday: Went to the Beach with BAILEY and Hannah and John B (obv) but got rained on massively after about 10 minutes so we thoroughly had wasted our $40 sun lounger fare for the day. Ended up back at the apartment eating potato chips....ooo that was an americanism! That night was a weird one... went to a goth party to see our friends Frank Mendez and Casey play. Both played awesome tracks but was very quiet...including the dungeon though that was a bonus! After that went to the DElano to see Felix again but when we got there it was some shitty bottle service dj on playing tres tres old commercial stuff. Bumped into SUB FOCUS who recommended we try another party... but when we got there it was intensely sweaty so much we had to bail into a local dive bar.... I was still feeling pretty defeated!

Monday: Sunbathing (getting hotter...so much that i burnt my boobs badly). Then went to a Burlesque party that night with ADAM F his lovely gf Ashley, John and MISTRESS LENA and the infinitely talented Francis Eugenia... got a table in the VIP area for us just so we could be Miami bottle service bitches for the night.... god bless her! 2 bottles of 'ultra premium' ?! vodka later we went to karaoke... Adam and Ashley ruled, as did our German Pilot friend Ingmar who fucking sung rammstein and owned it.

Tuesday: Sunbathing. Lots of people seem to have 'missed' their flights today, and I don't blame them! Went out to Sushi Samba that evening for gorgeous food with the gang and fancy dress gogo business with the Floridian performance art circuit including wildchild and parishe. crazy. I had a great time... was scouted to model for Image 1st Miami which gave me a confidence boost to do a little more table dancing than I would have otherwise ventured. Very funny to be sat next to 'make out corner' though at that place. I turned around and there were some slightly awkward teens getting some below-the-belt action behind me.... made me glad to have hit my 20s!

Wednesday: Sunbathing. Went for a nice mahi mahi dinner, pool and a goth party 'mausoleum' i think. They were playing bizarre non penetrative Japanese porn and rubber doll fetish stuff, had an early night though for next days photoshoot.

Thursday: Spent all day in the design district doing my shoot- it turned out slamming though so will get those pics up in a few days. John was happy too as the place had a pool. That night we had a romantic dinner of moules, red snapper (they were out of lobster though being a cheap date i did ask!) and some banana dessert thing that had about 1000 model unfriendly calories of pleasure in it! Drinks at Delano then rest.

Friday: Sunbathing less pleasurable when you have been kicked out of your hotel and can only sponge bathe in the public bathrooms before a long flight. Not a glorious end but a fucking amazing time overall methinks... if you have read this far down kudos to you!


So yeah, thanks for that Hayley heh...

Currently getting over a bit of a hangover from Smokey Joes last night, (one of Maidenhead's grand total of 3 nightclubs) - had a really good time, decent gang of us, and got to chill out in their new VIP area which really is brilliant. I kinda miss the grimey sweatpit of the main room though, but you can always go back out there I guess. Oh, and yeah I've decided I'm going to make a robot pop hip hop track or 2. I got my vocoder plug ins working last night and its ON.

Working on a new track at the moment today, hopefully will finish it this afternoon after my mighty run, its sounding very italo, I tried to replicate a lot of Moroder's techniques, but making it a bit darker and techno sounding - in a D&B framework of course. AND VOCODERZ. YESYES!

Ok, back to work...